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The end of my bed looking simple and fresh. Print from Meeny Miny. Jimmy stand by Mocka Australia. Bags from Pretty Tidy. Cushions from Rapee Australia & My Little Echo. Candle from Design Stuff Group.

Prints are a huge trend right now, from fun childrens rooms, to cozy living areas, to simple master bedrooms- prints are a serious must have for any space. I must be the biggest of print fans as my home is bursting at the windows with them. I believe that beautiful prints are a cheaper alternative to expensive art work, but the prints I have, are amazing artwork in their own right. It truly astounds me how much talent there is locally and around the world when it comes to designs, creativity and quality of prints.

Before we started building our home, at the time when it was still in the planning process and on still paper, it was a main point of concern for me to allocate a large piece of space to what I would later name “the Amazing Print Wall”. In our previous house, I changed my style far too often. I got bored with how everything looked and would often get frustrated with not being able to make changes right then and there. I am a true obsessive, stubborn, melodramatic Leo and as soon as I get an idea in my head, I absolutely HAVE to fulfil it instantly (and I mean like yesterday).  When I fall in love with an idea, Ben runs hiding with fear, as he knows how my mind works and he knows I have to create that image and idea now!


Oh the shame! My previous house looking oh so colourful with my frames nailed to the walls.

I had photos and prints in frames nailed into my walls all over the house. This meant I was restricted to what I could change in a certain timeframe. Changes meant poor Ben would have to remove nails, patch the holes, paint the patches and then re nail more holes into the new locations. I always had him kept on his Tradesman toes. I decided that there had to be a more effective and trendy way of styling my love of prints in the new house, without destroying my walls.


Ikea frames are a cheap alternative to hanging your prints. This way you can change up how your room looks by simply moving things around on the shelf.

I discovered the Ikea picture shelves and wood look floating shelves from Masters and all my styling dreams came true at once. With both these shelving systems, I am able to display several frames as well as nick-nacks all on the one shelf. It keeps all my clutter and styling into one section so each space still looks fresh and tidy. I hate mess spread across a room and everything needs to belong in an actual spot, so this shelving system has really worked well for me and has tamed my OCD to an all time low.


Masters wood look floating shelves- Easily bought but not so easy to install. Make sure you have someone who has a lot of patience and love for the end result

My Loves…

Meeny Miny– This store really is stunning and I bought my very first print from the wonderful Meeny Miny. They offer a gorgeous range of prints that are perfect for the scandi style lover, I like to class myself as a fellow scandi obsessor. The variety of prints range from a generous $24.95 and can be styled in a kids environment or in a more sophisticated adults space. As I am sure you know by now, I love the challenge of styling kids accessories throughout my home. I may not have bebes yet, but prints that are “meant to be” for kids, don’t always have to be just for them.


Black heart Meeny Miny print- you will notice I move this baby all over my home. Hanging garland by Hubble & Duke and wooden garland on the chair by Whistle & Dixie.

Yorkelee Prints– I love Kate! I have become very good friends with this amazingly talented graphic designer and I am grateful to have found her gorgeous online store. This store offers monochrome for those who like it a little simpler as well as pops of colour for those who like a little spice. They are also BANG on trend, scandi inspred, and oh so original. An A4 size print starts from a reasonable $10 and varies per print size. I am forever changing up where I place her pieces as they are so versatile. The prints I have from Yorkelee look fabulous in any corner of my home (did I mention I love Kate?).


Yorkelee 3 print sitting pretty on the Ikea shelf. A close up of the Hubble & Duke garland and the Arlo & Co plaque.

One Tiny Tribe- This is one store that screams Ah-Mazing, it must be because the designer Branka behind the screen is a total Babe! Every angle of my home showcases a gorgeous print from this beauty of a store, in all shapes and sizes. My newest fave is the A3 sized feather print for $25, this print is seriously a work of art. I adore simplicity and typography with prints, but I also crave a touch of colour and sometimes I go all cray cray and choose a print with a bold pattern. Branka can offer this fabulousness to you and so much more.


I love the One Tiny Tribe print above my bed. It’s simple, fresh and perfect for the bedroom. Gorgeous along side cushion from Cream Empire, hex from Top Knot Designs, marble bag from Behr & Co, mountain from Agent Valentine.


One Tiny Tribe looks fabulous in any room, pictured here in our main bathroom

T-Leaf Collections– This is a new store that I stumbled across, they have adorable kids prints that are just so different. Again, I can picture styling these in an adult space as well. I really encourage you to check out this new and upcoming store as I believe they are on the right track of all things trendy. They also sell a lot of other beautiful goodies and I have my heart set on one of their beautiful soy candles.


T-Leaf looking fabulous amongst some other wee goodies

The Love continues- I actually have LOTS of prints and most of them originate locally which is why I am so passionate about all of them. Blood, sweat and tears goes into hand making everything they produce and you really do pay for the quality of what your purchasing for a life time. A store that caught my eye all those moons ago was Sarah, I had to have one of her hand screen printed hearts. It’s so deliciously perfect and you can tell that so much love went into making it and I am proud to hang it amongst the wall of prints.


Sarah’s heart print, always melts my heart. Along side large heart print from Meeny Miny, blocks from Harlows World, dream catcher from Lions & Lam, calendar from Nor-Folk, wall decal from Hello Little Birdie, touch of pink print from Yorkelee


I am always collecting prints, my love for stunning shapes, patterns and colours is always expanding. Head over to @misskyreeloves and I’ll be showing you what’s new, what’s fresh and what’s trendy right now.


My gorgeous friend Tarina from Oh Eight Oh Nine, designed this amazing print- Pick yours up too before they sell out!!!





  1. May 1, 2015 / 2:43 am

    Love your sofa! Can you list a source?

  2. Hayley
    April 30, 2015 / 11:46 pm

    I love the picture shelves / floating wall shelves! I was going to hang some photos and prints, now considering the shelves! They look good and you can move things around! Love it. Thanks.

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