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Choosing an outfit to wear is such an emotional challenge for me. I often find myself standing in my walk in robe, staring blankly at all my clothes whilst I doubt my choices and argue with myself over what I should be wearing. I tend to have a battle of the outfits on the daily; What will the weather be and will I be warm enough? Will I be comfortable and will I still look trendy? Do I look too much like a nana? I seem to have an endless amount of wooden hangers and surprisingly they are all full. So how it possible that I never seem to have anything to wear? I keep every piece of clothing “just in case” even when I can’t even remember wearing them out. To get dressed, I scan through each item that hangs, loving them individually, but never enough to actually pull them out and wear them out of the house.


You’ll often find me in my jeans and anything white. This is what I feel most comfortable in

 I’m finding that as I get older, I’m finally discovering what styles suit me. It’s taken a long time for me to figure how to be confidant, comfortable and love how I look. I’m learning to let go of the older pieces that only collect dust and give them to someone who would actually appreciate them.


Believe it baby, this is actually how my wardrobe looks at all times (ok maybe not all times, but most of the time). Everything is arranged by colour as I find I tend to choose my clothes based on what colour I fee like wearing on the day. My shoes are also easily seen with how I lay them out

I recommend doing a sort through and throw out at least every couple of months. Go through each item and re hang the ones you want to keep, and make a pile of the ones you are willing to let go of. If you want to get even more frisky, then aim to sort your clothes either colour coded or in their groups (all shirts together, all long sleeved blouses together, all dresses together etc). This will re-freshen your wardrobe, make you aware of what clothes you actually own and didn’t realise you had, make it easier to choose an outfit and also the clean out is a great way to cleanse your mind and make you feel reenergised. If you haven’t done a sort through in a while, then try it this week end and I promise you, that you will feel like a new and organised person afterwards.

1. Blossom & Glow- find them at @blossomandglowmaternity

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A brand that I’m crushing on is Australian owned Blossom & Glow. They have a gorgeous range of clothes sourced from all over the world, that are true to my own simplistic style. Everything is elegant, neutral and bang on trend. Everyone’s style is different but I love that I’ve discovered a brand that offers exactly what suits ME. Blossom & Glow not only cater for the everyday woman, they carry a huge range of maternity wear for expecting Mummas. Don’t let the name of their store put you off if you’re not yet a Mum, as I’m loving their fashion and really enjoying wearing each item (no, I am not pregnant people). Their options are so easy to wear and they have made getting dressed a more enjoyable start to the day (instead of fighting a losing battle with my other drab choices).


Some of my fave Blossom & Glow essentials hanging oh so organised. Garlands from Whistle & Dixie and Studio Love Drops. These garlands are a great way to jazz up a boring space


Rocking my black Blossom & Glow tank, one of my staples that I can wear with anything. Teamed with my Mimco jewellery from Karrinyup Shopping Centre

  The owner and creator of this gorgeous online store Kathryn, was determined to offer stylish pieces for any stage of a woman’s life- during a growing pregnancy, during the breastfeeding stage and even for your post baby body. Obviously I don’t yet have a baby of my own, but it’s comforting to know that there’s a gorgeous maternity brand that’s available and affordable for when that time comes. Until then though, I am more than happy to show off their NON maternity range. Everything is light weight, fits my body shape, appears to be excellent quality and suits my colour pallet.

2. Bohemian Traders- Find them at @bohemian.traders

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Another brand that I’m in love with is Bohemian Traders. I’ve been madly planning a bohemian themed wedding and along the way I stumbled across this boho styled store. They have the most magical pieces, I’m not one to regularly spend big money on clothes but I do like to have a few quality items in my wardrobe to style up (if I had the money then I would of course by one of everything).


Stepping out of my colour comfort zone with this Cherry Bohemian Traders blouse


Bohemian Traders white shirt is so nice to wear. It flares out at the bottom so would be perfect for expecting Mummas to fit a growing bump

 My favourite item at the moment is their cherry boho blouse, you can wear it off the shoulders or if you pull it tight it can sit higher around the neck line. It’s very light weight, super comfortable and looks unique compared to most of the trends around. I’m finding it’s a versatile piece because I can dress it up with a black maxi skirt and heels or feel more casual with some black leggings and sandals. Versatile is the key with this brand, all their items can be styled in different ways which makes it so much easier to decide what to wear in the mornings.

3. Joybound Apparel- find them at @joyboundapparel

This is a very inspiring brand with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. The threads I have from this casual brand are so easy to wear with my boyfriend jeans (which I live in) as well as a more dressy skirt if I feel up for a change. Sometimes when I’m standing staring at my full wardrobe, with a glum look on my face, all I want to do is put on something comfortable but still look good. I’m loving having these pieces in my wardrobe because when I’m in a rush, I can whip on their tee or sweater with my flats and off I go.  Their jumper is the most softest thing I think I’ve ever owned, it’s not itchy and so so so gorgeous against your skin. The baby doll dress is also something I think I’m going to love even more so when I finally have a bump. If you’re currently pregnant, then get one of these stat. It’s so effortless and cozy to wear, the fabric would just float over your bump!

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