Wedding Sneak Peek


12345394_1692618097619867_3792785955670447607_nOur wedding was five weeks ago (say whattt?) I’ve been madly writing all about our magical wedding day; about how it made us feel, what amazing suppliers we used, how our bridal party were so incredible and some handy advice on making the day go smoothly. BUT I will share that with you once we get all our fabulous photos back.

Until then however, I’ll show you this incredible 4 minute sneak peek of our wedding video. You will even see snippets of our first dance!
If you are a bride planning a wedding, then this is the one thing that should be a “must-have”. If you can find room to move in your budget, then getting your big day filmed really is a must! Everyone kept insisting in the lead up that we “take it all in” but in reality the entire day goes far too quickly and this just isn’t possible.

I found I couldn’t truly stop to breath. I couldn’t appreciate all our hard work and admire how stunning it was. I don’t remember the speeches, I wasn’t able to see our first dance (which we practiced like crazy people). I couldn’t even remember seeing the decorations all set up, the ones I had been collecting for all these years.

That’s where the video comes in. We can sit back, in our own time, when ever we want and… Take. It. All. In!


11 thoughts on “Wedding Sneak Peek

  1. Such a stunning video of what I’m sure was a very magical day! It’s such a lovely thing to have to look back on and remember all those little details you couldn’t take in on the day!
    I just got engaged in December and am so excited about starting to plan our wedding – I can’t wait to see your photos and hear about the suppliers you used (as I’m in Perth too!)
    Lauren xxx


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