Make Your Own Perfect Milk Bath

I recently made a milk bath for my 7 month old Alaska, in the hope that it would soothe & distract her from the awful woes of teething! Instead of dosing her up with painkillers, I wanted to see if I could take her mind off what she was feeling, by letting her experience something new and exciting. It was a total success! She loved splashing about amongst the pretty blooms and she was incredibly calm and relaxed afterwards!

A milk bath doesn’t hold any magical powers to stop pain, obviously! Instead it’s a fun and creative way to get my baby’s mind onto something else (that’s different from the usual toys and surroundings she’s used to). Alaska has a bath every night as apart of her bedtime routine, so splashing about in our bath is a regular part of her day. But it’s the one thing that makes her undoubtably happy and puts her in a bath-coma-like-trance! So by adding a FUN element to the thing she already LOVES, then it’s bound to be a winner!


Milk Baths are also a delux way to indulge in some Mama time and has been around for centuries! Cleopatra was known for her daily milk soaking as a part of her beauty rituals and it’s only recently become a trend in the photography world. Soaking in a warm bath with milk is said to soothe irritations, encourages a natural exfoliation, it penetrates moisture deep into your pores. All of which leaving you with silky smooth lush skin!

I made a milk bath for my maternity shoot and again when Alaska was born, each time people were curious as to how it was made. I’ve been asked several times if we used “breast milk” and the answer is NOPE! Damn you’d need a lot of liquid gold from the milk pillows to make a milk bath a success. Plain old cows milk or the like, works a treat!

I’ve put my own instructions below to make it easy for you to DIY an amazeballs milk bath.

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REAL MILK? There’s a lot of options now available so you don’t have to use real milk

  1. Powdered milk from the supermarket. Add in a couple of drops of essential oils as powdered milk is really smelly
  2. The body shop have a milk & honey bath powder to use HERE
  3. Cetaphil body wash or QV bath oil makes the water super cloudy and you might already have these in your home too. Just be sure to pour it in after the tub is full so it doesn’t bubble
  4. Lots of businesses now offer bath bombs/bath salts that would make the water milky, just google to see what comes up


They can get expensive so do this after a special occasion to re use any flowers you may have on display.

  1. Pick from your own garden (or a neighbours or family members etc)
  1. After your baby shower- re use blooms on display
  2. If you’ve received a bouquet of blooms
  3. buy them cheaper at your local gas station or supermarket
  4. Or call your local florist and ask for a small bunch

What I used here:

  • At least 2L of regular milk (Or for the Vegan’s- Use Almond milk or a vegan milk powder option here)
  • Water in the bath- fill it up
  • Flowers cut to float (Or if you’re after more neutral photos for boys go with green foliage with ferns and leaves or sliced fruit)
  • Rolled Oates in a stocking or essential oils for a more soothing experience (you can google the benefits of each of these)
  • Bath salts to create a delicious & relaxing aroma
  • You or your baby ready to splash about

Ready to make your milk bath:

  1. Fill your bath to desired level with warm water. If it’s for an adult, fill to regular bathing level. If it’s for a baby only fill so their ears are just covered.
  2. Pour a cup of bath salts into the water so it has time to dissolve. Bath salts help add to the relaxation of the experience. We use bath salts from Little Bairn.
  3. Turn the tap off BEFORE you add your milk! You don’t want that shit foaming!
  4. Put the rolled oates into the stocking and let it soak into the water.
  5. Pour your milk into the bath until you reach your desired milkyness. The more milk you add, the creamier the water will look. Alternatively you can use milk powder to reach the same effect.
  6. Add subject into the water and then place blooms around them
  7. THAT IS IT!


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Images By Miss Kyree Loves
Maternity Images by Kellie Sinclair Photography
Flower Crown
Lace Gown

This post is in no way sponsored. All thoughts, words and ideas are completely my own
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  1. Sarah You
    June 5, 2020 / 6:44 pm

    How old was your daughter when you took the pictures and thank you for the tutorial and ideas

  2. Celia Gilmour
    April 27, 2020 / 8:27 am

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for these instructions. What are the rolled Oates for?

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