Most People Need Reminding To Be Kind. Let’s Make It A Normalty, Let’s Make Kindness Epic! #BeKindMovement 

How often are you Kind? Is it something you have to think about? Are you Kind every day, every week, or is it just a once a year thing when you donate to a charity at Christmas? The harsh reality is, most people actually need reminding to be kind and that’s where the Be Kind Movement comes into action! We need your help to make it part of our every day lives.

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I originally started this Be Kind Movement for myself as I wasn’t happy with who I was becoming. It took becoming a mother to understand that I want to act exactly how I want my daughter to act as an adult, as a good human. I wasn’t liking what I was seeing in the mirror and it made me sick to think my children were in a world were kindness wasn’t infectious. We are so quick to talk negatively about ourselves, we never praise our good parts and we don’t embrace ourselves as a whole. It’s far easier to bitch about others and put people down in conversations. I was finding that negative conversations were starting to consume me and my friendships. I would talk about the people who upset me, talk about the trolls who thrive on my every existence, bitch about things I didn’t like and dwell on the negative people who liked to put me down.

Negativity is an evil thing, it seeps into your skin, into your blood, into your heart like a black spider spinning a shitty dark web around your morals and positive energy. I realised it wasn’t just me, that this same feeling actually consumed a lot of people around me. I had to ask myself, why is it easier to be a cold hearted bitch than it is to be KIND? I decided to STOP doing and saying things like I normally would. I wanted to make change and I’m dead set passionate about making this Be Kind Movement a reality for our every day lives all around the world.

I realised it’s a universal movement that needed to be shared (lots of kind examples from strangers here ) Kindness is extremely powerful, even the smallest acts of kindness can completely change someone’s life. You really never know, in that very moment, what someone is going through. What heartache or sadness they may be enduring. If you choose to be kind over negativeity, that positive lift could be what brings that person back down off he ledge to a more positive and loved reality.

How to be involved?

  1. SIMPLE. To kick off we are asking that this week end you post a photo of anything you LOVE, anything that makes you happy.
  2. Include the hashtag #BEKINDMOVEMENT
  3. write a caption asking people to be Kind, reminding them how powerful it is. You don’t need to boast or brag about your kind acts. It’s simply a small reminder for others to be kind.
  4. You can do small acts of kindness to make this movement spread like wildfire. It’s a wonderful ripple effect where you can pass on the happiness and eventually it would be amazing to see it reach the entire population (dreaming big guys) Buy someone a coffee. Take flowers to an elderly home. Take a meal to the homeless. Give someone a hug or  compliment a stranger. Let that car go in front of you without feeling the need to speed up! ALWAYS SMILE AT EVERY ONE!!!

Once this day is over, it’s up to you as good humans to continue this movement. Make it apart of your daily routine to just be kind! If you feel negative energy creeping up, if you feel the urge to bitch or be horrible for any reason at all, JUST STOP. BREATHE. THINK. And remind yourself negatively is a nasty bitch that brings no purpose.

SAY TO YOURSELF. Just. Be. Kind!

Being a good human really isn’t all that hard, we just need to ask ourselves before we talk or type out loud:

Is it kind? Is it true? Is it honest? Does it add value? What affect will it have on them? If the answer is a negative one then DO NOT continue. Add kindness in its place instead. 

Let’s spread the love and encourage others to be KIND and AWESOME humans . Let’s get negativity off our screens, out of our lives and encourage love back into our kind hearts xxx

This post is in no way sponsored. All thoughts, words and ideas are completely my own
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  1. Sylvia
    August 17, 2017 / 11:50 am

    Best blog post😍😍

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