Fun Christmas Ideas With Marks & Spencer (With Seriously Cute Stockings)!!!

It’s no secret I BLOODY LOVE CHRISTMAS! So from now until the day the happy-fat-fella comes down the chimney, i’ll be posting and spreading the love for this festive time. I’ve put together an affordable list with Marks & Spencer of some great christmas ideas, that will have you drooling at the mouth.

Marks & Spencer have traditional, timeless gift ideas perfect for the whole family. I LOVE their vintage inspired parent survival kit and dog walking kit box, scroll down to shop these unique gift ideas! Everyone has been asking about the red stockings hanging near our tree, if you adore them as much as I do, then HURRY as these will sell out fast!






English Tree Ornaments SHOP HERE
These are a great gift idea, they come in a gorgeous box as a set of four. I’ve bought these for my inlaws as they are English & will really appreciate the sentiment behind them. 

Red Alphabet Stockings SHOP HERE
These are just a stunning red colour! The letters have a traditional feel, come in all letters of the Alphabet so you can grab one for every family member. 

Mistletoe Red Berries in Jar SHOP HERE
Love the pop of red to match our stockings, these berries are a super cute addition to home decorations or gift baskets.

Robbin Pillow SHOP HERE
I’m not usually one for traditional accents like this, but this pillow is GORGEOUS. Great gift idea for Mums, Nans or secret santa.







4X Pack Plate Set SHOP HERE
These are an absolutely stunning set of plates. The detailing and colours make it a very special collective set. Perfect for a gift!

Gingerbread Cookie Cutters SHOP HERE 
Vintage cake tester SHOP HERE 
Icing Stencils SHOP HERE
Vintage Rolling Pin SHOP HERE
Get creative & put these items into a cooking gift basket.
OR gift some sweet biscuits in wrapping to loved ones. Keep it simple and buy pre made cookies & pies, use the pretty festive stencils to add your own christmas flare and TA DAHHH easy peasy gift idea (no one needs to know you didn’t make them).

Plum Overalls Alaska Wears SHOP HERE
This is a gorgeous Unisex romper, the materials is stretchy and soft- Perfect christmas gifts for kiddies.

Alphabet Mugs SHOP HERE
A festive mug is a fun christmas gift idea. Fill it with chocolates or sweets and you have a quick and affordable gift for friends or your kids school teachers. 








RED Reindeer Novelty Jumper SHOP HERE | BLUE Novelty Jumper SHOP HERE | Red Festive Knit Dress SHOP HERE  | Red slippers for Mum SHOP HERE | LED Christmas Alphabet Letters SHOP HERE | Dog Car Travel Kit SHOP HERE | Laugh On The Loo Book SHOP HERE | Cheesy Jokes SHOP HERE | Baby’s First Snow Globe SHOP HERE | Parent’s Emergency Kit SHOP HERE |

Thank you to Marks & Spencer & Shopping Links for sponsoring this post. All pieces were hand chosen by myself, I’ve only shown what I truly love. All imagery, words and thoughts are completely my own.

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