How To Get Organised To Start Off The New Year With A Fresh Mindset


Starting off the new year can be super overwhelming! If you get yourself a little organised now, then you’ll set yourself up for a fresh mindset & start off the new year being happier, healthier & mentally ready to conquer all of your resolutions!!! A whole new year ahead of us awaits; with crazy parenting, full time work loads, endless house chores & all while supposedly taking care of ourselves properly. If you tick off a few of these easy ideas then it’s a great way to start your year FRESH & ORGANISED!


  1. Flip your mattress. Either flip it entirely over to the other side or if you have a pillow topper then turn it around so your body can start a new imprint ahaha
  2. Replace your pillows with new & use a black marker to write the date on the label. Pillows will generally end up showing yellow sweat stains which are hiding a build up of dust mites, dead skin EWWW & lots of grossness! Your head lays on your pillow every night all night so be kind to your skin!
  3. Invest in good quality pillow protectors so your new pillows last longer
  4. spray your mattress with eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil
  5. Wash your linen

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HOT TIP: Memory foam pillows last 12-18 months, regular inexpensive pillows last up to 6 months (according to Dr Google). If you regularly air your pillows out in the sun to kill bacteria and dust mites they will last longer




  1. wash your make up brushes and hair brushes in hot soapy water and gently dry them on paper towel
  2. replace tooth brushes. They would no doubt be full and I mean FULL of weird bacteria EWWWWW
  3. Replace manky old towels with fresh new ones
  4. wash floor mats or give them a good shake in the sun
  5. Replace face washer clothes with new
  6. give your drawers a wipe over
  7. wash bath toys so they don’t have mould
  8. Run your washing machine on a deep clean cycle

HOT TIP: We have a set of three towels for each family member. Colour coordinated for each person. So we only use our own towels wiping our bits & faces. Even though we wash them, it’s nice to know only OUR OWN bodies use them!



  1. Clean out your fridge with hot water and lemon
  2. wipe down your fridge and cupboards on the outside
  3. wipe out your cutlery drawer
  4. organise your pantry. Throw out super old food. Put things into containers
  5. Replace tea towels with new
  6. Run your dishwasher on a clean cycle with some lemon and bicarb

HOT TIP: I try to avoid nasty products where possible, lemon in hot water is a great alternative



  1. Go through your baby bag and clean it out. Put everything small into zip lock bags to get organised. Everything should have a place (until a few months time when it becomes a disaster zone)
  2. fill out a calendar with important info and events. Use different colours for different things
  3. Make a list on your phone in Notes- All the things you want to achieve this year. Tick them off as you go. Writing lists and seeing them be accomplished can be very therapeutic for the soul!!!
  4. Reply to all your emails.
  5. Reply to all your outstanding text messages (I need to take this one on board!!!)




  1. Replace your mascara with new
  2. Put a hair treatment in over night. You’ll feel amazing the next morning
  3. shave / wax your lady bits. Enough said
  4. replace your old underwear with new. We wear these every day, fresh ones feel amazing
  5. buy bras that actually fit you. You NEED to make this a priority people
  6. go through your clothes and throw out everything you haven’t worn this year
  7. take everything to good will and donate
  8. sell on a buy and sell page to make some pocket money
  9. paint your nails if you feel like getting fancy
  10. Most importantly try and think POSITIVE. Wake up early each morning have some quality YOU time, drink your coffee in silence and think of one thing different you’re grateful for each day


HAPPY NEW YEAR. May your new year be full of organised chaos and lots of healthy vibes. LOVE YOU ALL XOX


This post is in no way sponsored. All words, creativity, imagery & thoughts are completely my own.

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