Family Trip To New Zealand- Travel & Stay (Part #1)

Finally we are here. Possibly the most magical place on earth (yes I say that on every vacation, but I swear this is it!). I surprised Ben for his 30th back in Feburary with a trip away to Queenstown New Zealand. We loved the idea of spending money on each other, than spending it on a huge party. As Ben works FIFO, we needed to fit the holiday into a week away and NZ was the perfect fit.

Here’s my trips and tricks for this family vacay. Lots of questions coming through, so hopefully I can answer them all here. I’ll be doing another blog on what we do and where we eat during the week. If you have any more questions please ask away.



  • Write yourself a detailed list and tick it off as you go- Nothing is too small to add as you’ll be surprised the silly things you forget
  • We packed super minimal- Layering for cold weather is key
  • Two cases between the three of us
  • With two cary on back packs- So much easier to travel with bags on your back
  • Hard Suitcases with 360 degree turn wheels- Can fit so much in and they each have their on locks with codes by Samsonite #collab
  • Used reusable ziplock bags to separate everything in and this was a lifesaver (nappies, spare clothes, food etc)
  • For the week, we each have three jumpers to layer with pants/ leggings and thermals & a large jacket
  • We had a Very busy Bag to Entertain Alaska for $50– Brilliant for quick organisation if you don’t want to create one yourself #giftedtoalaska
  • All foods for Alaska were allowed on the plane- Packet yogurt, custard, fruit etc.  Water in her bottles was also allowed
  • Pack extra phone chargers as we only packed one but we have two phones and an I pad so needed more
  • Pack a sound machine or use your iPad for sound on Youtube if your baby sleeps with noise



  • We paid $35 each flight to pre select our seats
  • Chose to take our own Joolz pram as hiring one was about $80
  • We checked it into Over Sized baggage at no extra cost and wasn’t damaged in anyway at the other end (we didn’t use a pram cover)
  • Because we had a stop over, it was really handy to wheel it to the next check in with a grumpy toddler strapped in. They do have prams to loan at the airport too
  • Before you sit down, get out everything you think you’ll need and put it in the baskets in front of you (food, entertainment, headphones etc)
  • We booked a midnight flight and kept Alaska awake until flight time. This meant she was completely knackered and fell asleep on me before take off (she slept most of the flight)
  • She sucked on her dummy so her ears weren’t affected (or she could have had her milk too)
  • I would suggest paying the extra and flying with Air NZ from Perth, as the stop over and delay was a little stressful and hectic with a toddler. We had to collect our bags and check in again. Try and fly direct if you can afford it.
  • We were lucky Alaska was asleep when our meal came out so we could eat in piece ahaha



  • We are staying at Queenstown Platinum Vilas
  • Self contained two story apartments with the most incredible views and gas fire
  • only a few minutes from town. Not exactly walking distance but super close
  • I found it hard to find a nice place that had more than one bedroom. As Alaska sleeps in her own cot, we wanted her to be in her own room
  • This place is a little pricey, I think I paid about $3,300 during peek time but it’s totally worth it for the luxury we have
  • Came with highchair, fire guard, stair baby gate, portable baby cot and bedding
  • Everything is really new, clean , super stylish and we feel like we are staying in a five star resort



  • Ben hired our SUV car through Avis for $900
  • Came with baby seat and Nav-man
  • Great to have your own transport as we can be super independent

This post is in no way sponsored. All words, creativity, imagery & thoughts are completely my own.

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  1. Debbie Lowe
    June 19, 2018 / 2:55 pm

    Hi Kyriee love your blogs. Have you visited Arrowtown yet , quiet quaint also Te Anau and Milford sound are beautiful. Take a boat trip on MSound . Enjoy your holiday xx

  2. Cherie
    June 18, 2018 / 1:57 am

    Thanks for sharing your travel tips Kyree. It’s very useful although I know my girl wont be sleeping like Alaska. 😆 we would love to plan for our family trip to NZ when we save some money. Do you just stay in queenstown for a week?


  3. Amanda G
    June 17, 2018 / 4:29 am

    Oh, we love love love NZ! Cannot wait to go back. Your trip looks amazing so far, I love your accommodation! In regards to direct flights, we fly direct from Per – AKL and then get a connection to Christchurch or Queenstown. It’s still a bit of stuffing around, because you need to go from International to Domestic, but worth it to get the long flight all done with no interruptions. Have a great week!

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