Our Sleep Routine. Why Sleep For Parents Is A No Brainer- But How can we Make It A reality? Honest Review On Glow Dreaming!

SLEEP. The one thing us humans literally can’t live without and the one thing we still can’t master as parents. lets be honest here, we have all been in that black-hole called “sleep depravation” at some point. Whether it was from the very beginning at newborn stage or years down the track, lack of sleep can be a total foggy-head-f***!!! Why is it something we still can’t seem to master though for our children? Centuries of parenting, years of sleep-walking-zombie-parents doing their best to just get through the day, and yet there’s still isn’t one solid answer to get every baby/ kid sleeping through.

Scroll down to read a bunch of amazing, raw and honest reviews regarding the Glow Dreaming system.


***I’ll start off by saying, I AM NO DOCTOR and I’m certainly no expert on this matter. This blog has been compiled from my own experiences with my daughter, as well as speaking to other parents regarding sleeping. I get asked almost daily how I get Alaska to sleep through and I’ve always been hesitant to document my own experiences because I know it’s a very taboo subject to chat about, without offending someone else. If I can share even one thing we do that might help you, then this will be worth it. Please do your own research and make your own informed decisions, before making any purchases or changing any routines based off my recommendations.***

Why We Need Sleep

Lack of sleep impacts how we parent during the day, how we react emotionally to our children and basically dictates how well we are going to function. I know that when I’ve had a shit sleep the night before, my mental state as a basic human isn’t up to standards, let alone trying to be a tentative, active, successful parent as well. According to PANDA more than 1 in 7 new mums and up to 1 in 10 new dads experience postnatal depression each year in Australia. This statistic is really confronting because sleep deprivation plays a huge role in this! Serious lack of sleep can encourage anxiety and depression in both parents, which is why its so important to put a healthy focus on sleeping more soundly.

As explained by The National Sleep Foundation, researchers believe that after people sleep, they retain more information and perform better on memory tasks. They say our bodies all require long periods of sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate. This to me screams common sense, like DUHHH. We all know how important it is to sleep for long periods. But as parents, is this always even possible? We all WANT to sleep through the night, but getting our kids to can sometimes feel like it’s near on impossible.

There’s a million and one different ways to get your kid to sleep. When you google the subject your brain just might explode from the overload of contradicting information. Don’t sleep train, sleep training is fine. Hold your baby, don’t hold your baby. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it all.

One thing I’ve learnt since becoming a mum is that JUST DO YOU! Read as much advice as you want to, absorb as much verbal advice as you can take. But at the end of the day, EVERY KID IS BLOODY DIFFERENT and you need to CHOOSE what’s right for you and your family.

REPEAT AFTER ME: There’s no perfect way to “parent”. There’s no manual for parenting successfully. Well I mean theres a zillion books on it, just like this blog! But again, take what you want from any info thats out there and customise is to suit you and your baby’s needs.


Our Sleep Journey

At the beginning, we struggled. Like really struggled. Alaska would fall asleep with us holding her, but as soon as we put her down she’d wake to party. I loved being able to hold my daughter, but the truth is, IT WAS FUCKING EXHAUSTING. I just wanted to be able to pee alone, or get dressed with BOTH hands, or eat some food without dropping it on her head. They say the newborn stage is fleeting and to soak it all in. But enjoying each moment can really be tough and overwhelming if you’re sleep deprived and struggling to function.

We co slept until she was four months, but it just wasn’t working. Her constant movements kept me awake which would frustrate me and my constant movements kept her awake. I found that once she was in her own space, it was like a light bulb moment happened for me. She was begging me to give her space all this time and when she finally got it, she slept so much better (and so did we)! In saying this, co sleeping works for a lot of families, but in my experience it didn’t.

At four months old, I ended up calling Ngala in tears, on the side of the road in the car, begging for some help. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG. I felt like I was completely failing as a parent and I just wanted my daughter to sleep soundly so she could grow into an awesome human. But I was also being selfish and needed the break too. The lady on the phone explained that I might be missing my daughters sleep cues. Sucking on her hands, pulling on her ears, hiccups, going cross eyed. All signs of a seriously over tired baby. I found that if I’d completely missed her earlier sleep cues, that’s when it became harder to put her to sleep.

Obviously again, these signs might not be the same for everyone. But they were bang on for us. At first I felt like a complete dick head for not knowing these signs as soon as I gave birth. Shouldn’t this just come natural with the mothering territory? Then I slapped myself back to reality and realised, this is why it’s totally ok to ask for help!!! Not everyone is an expert. Even if you pushed ten babies out of your vagina, it still doesn’t label you an expert mother.

I also reached out to The Sleep Mama who practices Kind Parenting Sleep Training. This is where I took on board most of the routines we have in place now. At the time, A LOT of people gave me shit about “sleep training” Alaska and I felt completely inadequate about the choices I was making. I decided not to share my journey then as I was a rookie parent and learning as I went.

I truly believe we never “sleep trained” Alaska. We never EVER let her cry it out. We would always go back into her room and stroke her hair or pat her back if she was unsettled. If she was ever not truly ready to sleep, we would still cuddle and rock her until she was. We simply implemented the below systems as a part of our every day routine and Alaska just adapted along the way in her own time.


Alaskas Night Sleep Routine

Each of these sleep aids have become apart of Alaskas sleep cues. It was important for us to set a strict routine at the beginning so Alaska could become familiar with when to sleep. Now we are a lot more flexible because regardless of the time of day, if we are out of the routine, she’s fully aware that it’s bed time and starts to put herself to sleep without fighting it (usually).

  • Dark Room- Blinds shut, door semi shut
  • Sound machine playing loudly – Usually rainfall or if she’s restless Dixie Chicks on repeat
  • Oil Diffuser going- Usually Lavender 
  • Wears a Ergopouch sleep sack for every night sleep 
  • Night Light always on 
  • (We have three separate sleep aid systems but the Glow Dreaming is three in one which is a brilliant money/ space saver)
  • Gentle patting on back & stroking hair once laying down
  • Dummy & Snuggle Bunny
  1. Plays and exerts her energy
  2. Eats dinner
  3. Bath time- Plays for at least 20 minutes in there
  4. As soon as she comes out of the bath she’s truly ready for bed. This is when she becomes grumpy and obviously tired
  5. As a baby, we always gave her a massage after bath as part of her sleep routine (but no longer do this every night)
  6. We dress her, put her in her sleep sack
  7. Read her a book- Which she always waves bye to at the end
  8. Around 6:30pm she then drinks a bottle, cuddles her dummy and bunny in her own bed
  9. Puts herself to sleep with the above sleep aid systems in place
  10. Wakes at 6:30am most mornings


Glow Dreaming

I guess it might have seemed silly for me to review this sleep aid, when Alaska already slept through the night. But I have been swamped with questions from desperate parents asking HOW the hell do we get her to sleep through, so I thought with my large platform, this would be a great opportunity to provide you with some possible and very realistic solutions.

It’s an all in one sleep aid. We bought separate systems 18 months ago, which are all roughly the same size as the one Glow Dreaming aid. A sound machine, night light, diffuser, which all need a spot to sit on and all need a power point to plug into. I already know that Alaska sleeps so well with all of these three things, so I love the fact that we can now compact it all into the one smaller system which saves on money as well as space in a small nursery.

It’s transportable. When we take Alaska to the inlaws or when we go on holidays, we virtually have to pack an entire case just for her sleep aids! BUT with Glow Dreaming you only need to pack one product and it’s easy to transport. I guess it seems like a pain in the arse to have to take a sleep aid like this every where you go, but the reality for us is that it was never an issue BECAUSE IT WORKED.

Just remember that this is a sleep aid and NOT a miracle cure. As with all new routines, you need to have patience and persistence to see any type of successful results. I’ve read hundreds of reviews on the Glow Dreaming product over the past few weeks and the one  thing that’s extremely evident is that EVERY SITUATION IS DIFFERENT. I haven’t read one experience that’s identical to the next persons. Some families raved about Glow Dreaming and others didn’t see any changes at all.

Return it if you hate it. The beauty with this product is that after 28 days they allow you to send it back if you aren’t happy with it. I’ve read a lot of reviews about the amazing customer service with Glow Dreaming. If you need advice on how to use it properly then reach out to the customer service team. I personally feel that 28 days is sufficient enough (if you’re patient and persistent) to see successful change in sleep patterns. However if you still find it’s not working, you can get your money back. Win win!

There’s no age limit. Glow Dreaming is suitable for children from the ages of 8 weeks old all the way through to adults. I’ve had a lot of mums with older kids/ teens reach out to me about sleep and I really feel this is something you could try. Ben and I pretty much sleep with the sound machine on now, because the noise fills our house. And we really notice a difference when it’s not on. The silence really keeps us awake!

Encourages Routine. As I’ve said before, we use three seperate aids. It’s no different to the Glow Dreaming system. What I love about using these sleep aids as part of a sleep routine is that it encourages toddlers (and older) to take part in setting up their own safe and calm environment. When it’s bedtime they can turn on the Glow Dreaming, help turn on the humidifier, read a book with mummy/daddy in bed and transition in their own time into a relaxed sleeping state. It gives them independence and helps them to associate the routine with sleep.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 3.41.25 pm.png
From Glow Dreaming Site

What Do You Get For Your Money?

I have been in this “show and tell” industry for the past five years and I can admit I would easily spend over $200 on a fancy night light to keep up with the trends. The value for this product is amazing. For $130 + FREE shipping you get everything you need to promote calmer sleep changes (and you don’t have to buy any other sleep aid type things like I have).

The Starter Pack includes:

  • Twinkle Star organic medicinal grade essential oil
  • free shipping anywhere in Australia and your choice of sleeve cover.
  • Each Glow Dreaming Baby Sleep Aid starter pack is covered by our amazing 28 day no questions asked refund policy.
  • Slow Wave sleep Sound Therapy with 3 volume settings
  • Red and Green LED Light Therapy with 3 brightness settings each
  • Humidifier
  • Medicinal Grade Aroma therapy


Anything Negative?

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the red light to start with. I thought it seemed rather angry and I assumed it would create a scary environment in a dark room at night. But after researching the product and trialling it in Alaska’s room, it’s actually the opposite. I still am not a lover of the red vibes but it really has made no negative impact on Alaska’s great sleeping habits.

Just be mindful that Glow Dreaming is not effective for every family. I’ve listed reviews that people emailed in to me below and you can read the large variety of experiences- Good and bad. But peace of mind is that you can always get your money back after 28 days if you see no changes.

Don’t expect this to work over night. After reading many reviews, a lot of people expected to be able to plug it in, walk out of the room and assumed it would work its sleeping magic in minutes. But as I’ve explained above, you still need to combine this sleep aid with structure and routine for it to be able to work.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to provide a discount code for this system. Glow Dreaming explained they don’t provide them, incase people were searching for a code. But I guess you can be reassured that if you’re not happy with the product you’ll get your money back.



We are 6 nights in to using the glow dreaming and just to really test it out we are doing it whilst transitioning our 8.5mo daughter into her own room AND she is also teething. 😂
We love it!!
At 6 months she was sleeping through with 1 wake up, but when we stopped swaddling her she also started teething and our nights were filled with at least 4-5 wake ups. Wanting boob every time of course! Cue two very tired mummies… 😩😭😴
Since glow dreaming she is much easier to put down to sleep and settles without effort. Plus we are getting through the nights with just 2 wake ups. Obviously not perfect, but great when compared to the nights of 5 (or more) wakeups/feeds. She has settled in to her own room and we are getting solid sleep for the first time in 2.5 months. Hopefully with consistency, and when her teeth stop annoying her, it will improve further.
So it is definitely working for us!
Hi Kyree, 
We have been using Glow Dreaming since December and we love it. It doesn’t work every single night depending on teething, colds etc. But majority of the time it works amazing 
Hi Kyree,
We have been using ours for about 5 weeks now and have seen a massive difference.
We went from Darci waking during the night and not resettling in her own bed to now going to bed and prob half sleeping through and half waking, having a bottle and settling herself back to sleep in her own bed.  It was a tough transition and I felt we regressed for a few weeks, but they do say that.
We also use a roll sleep time oil that we started at the same time so I think it could be a combination of both.
Cheers, Nat x
Absolutely love my glow dreaming. I discovered glow when my third baby was born. I had two beautiful sleeping babies at first, so when I had my third baby boy I thought yes, his going to be a dream sleeper just like his brothers. No. That wasn’t the case. He was a nightmare. He never slept, he had reflux, he always wanted to be held, he never napped longer then 40 minutes during the day. I was so sleep deprived and I had tried everything possible. I even had a sleep program from a professional sleep nurse and that didn’t work… Until I found glow! No, It’s not a cure, it won’t MAKE your baby sleep, it’s not the solution but it 90% helped my baby have a better more restful sleep.l and restored some order back into our lives. Every day I used it from 2 months old till he was 1. The oil is so suttle yet strong. His night sleeps went from 1hour wakes to 4hours, then feed and back asleep straight away. He day napped longer and was more settled when I put him in his cot to sleep. He learnt to sooth himself with the red light and sound. The soft white noise also helps distract out other noise of my other kids, washing machine and anything that could possibly wake him up. Knox is now 2 and we don’t need it as he sleeps through the night but I always pull it back out of one of my three boys is unsettled, maybe a bit sick. It’s also great for winter. Mix the sleep oil with eucalyptus to keep away stuffy noses. I sometimes have it out in my lounge room during the day just for beautiful aroma to spread through our home. Can’t folt it. It’s a must have with my kids. I tell all my friends about it. 

Hi Kyree,

We have a Glow Dreaming and we use it for our 2 foster bubbas. They are 17 and 19 months old in a shared room. The youngest didn’t sleep more than 9-10 hours at night, waking at least once if not more, while the older slept straight through for 12-13 hours but the little one started waking him up, so I then has 2 very cranky babies!  The first night was a disaster.  Little Miss woke sooooo many times and was ready to party at 2am.  So for the next few nights I switched the red light off but left the diffuser (they were used to those already) and the white noise on.  Then when that was working ok, I switched the red light back on. Little miss generally now sleeps 12 hours without waking and little Mr is happy not being woken by her all the time.  So thumbs up from us!Thankyou

Hi there 
We use a glow dreaming unit for all three of our girls ages 3 2 and 1! 
When I three year old was almost two after sleeping through for well over a year she began waking. Sleep walking, tantrums in the night.  Three weeks later the green light helped her moods in the day and the red light helped with sleep at night. The other babies have used a glow dreaming unit from birth and both have slept through since 4-5 months old. Love the new versions with the white noise. Our original first one doesn’t have that. Give it longer than two weeks to work tho and use the same oils. 🙂 

Hey Kyree, Here’s our experience with glow dreaming…
Before the glow dreaming my almost 7mth old was waking every 1hr and 40minutes overnight and only sleeping 30-40minutes 3 times a day. She wouldn’t self settle and needed to be rocked or fed to sleep. Needless to say it was exhausting and something needed to change. After trying all other options and waiting to be seen at the local health cottage a friend offered to lend us hers (she hadn’t seen much change with it). The first night using it my daughter slept 6 hours!!! Then following that slept for an hour and a half when we were home during the day. She has continued to sleep atleast 3 hour blocks and while it isn’t “perfect” it’s a huge improvement! We are only 8 days into using it so will be contacting the support to see what other settings we can try. Love your page xx Zoë

Hi Kyree, We tried glow dreaming when Remy was about 7/ 8 months and not sleeping through. He’s 19 months now and still doesn’t sleep through!! It seemed ok for about 3 nights but like you we were already using white noise and a diffuser so this just added the night light. Unfortunately it didn’t work for us and even grew some mould underneath!! I contacted them for assistance but there was little support forthcoming which left a pretty sour taste as I felt they had represented themselves as being super supportive. I almost felt she became a bit defensive in the end when I asked to return. We persevered with it but there was little change in his sleep. He was and is still breastfeeding so I believe this plays a big par tin his night wakes. I just don’t want people to think it’s he magic bullet for sleep issues. We ended up selling ours 2nd hand but still use diffuser with the light on and the white noise. Any questions let me know!  Bianca

I was recommended the glow dreaming from my sil after she had used hers for her son who is a terrible sleeper. Even at 1-1.5 would wake multipul times a night and the only way was to sleep with him. He’s now a great sleeper and sleeps in his own single bed at 2.
We got ours in the last shipment they had. I’m really impressed with it. I found that if you use oils then they are even better value. I had a $100 diffuser in my eldest sons room (2.11yrs) and it wasn’t staying on all night as it wasn’t big enough. The glow dreamer has 500ml which pretty much lasts the 12hrs. The white noise and lights are great as well as he has just started to fear the dark. I also have one in my newborn (11w) room and I put the white noise on and light. Only sometimes the diffuser. And he’s sleeping 8-10 straight at night. I highly recommend them to people with or without sleep issues.

We purchased glow dreaming for my 6 month old and nearly 4 year old (who was a sleepwalker) after many, many sleepless nights (and tears from exhaustion). We tried numerous sleeping aids before this including the riff raff, non worked. 
We received glow dreaming and it worked the first two nights for my 6 month old, and after that we saw no results what so ever, she was back to her old tricks. I contacted glow dreaming themselves because as they continually states they there “to support you through your journey”, but I found their help dismisal. Glow dreaming offered me very little support once it wasn’t working for us. Some of the advice offered was change the setting from loud to low for the beginning of the routine and then turn it back up once our baby was asleep. They also asked me if my baby was teething, or if there was any underlying issues that would be causing her not to sleep. Obviously there was WHICH IS WHY I PURCHASED THIS. 
Once this didn’t work for a few nights after changing what Glow dreaming had suggested, I emailed them again, and today I am still waiting for a reply.
I persisted using glow dreaming for months after this, even though it had no effect until just recently. One day I just turned it off, and my baby now sleeps from 7am-7pm. I feel like glow dreaming was actually keeping her awake. I found the system really loud, like so loud I couldn’t have my baby monitor on because it would continually set it off. Glow dreaming insists it must be on the highest setting or it won’t work. I also think the oil is considerable expensive and doesn’t last very long at all. On the other hand my older daughter who is almost 4 was sleep walking and talking. We used glow dreaming for her and appears to have completely stopped her interrupted sleep considerably.
We were sleep walking 4-5 times a night, with no recollection of doing it. Unsure if glow dreaming if the cause of it stopping or something else, but I’d like to think it helped a little and I hadn’t wasted my money 😂
Her sleep walking co insided with going to bed with no nappy on for the first time. Apparently a full bladder can interrupt their deep sleep cycles which causes they to get stuck in between sleep cycles which causes they to sleep walk. All in all, I personally don’t think it’s worth the money I spent on it. Some babies are just destined not to sleep, but they eventually come around, like mine has.
I use glow dreaming for my son- and I feel it’s helped! He wasn’t a horrid sleeper- but we went through a stage where night terrors were every night and nothing could calm him! So we thought we’d try the glow dreamer, and at first I swear it didn’t work. When we used the essence or the white noise he would scream even louder. So we eventually just went to the light therapy and we have been using it since March and he sleeps right through again with the odd night in between where he may way. But that is honestly once in a blue moon! I love it 🙂
Kind regards
Sadie and Kyrin
I got a glow dreaming about 2 years ago, unfortunately it hasnt worked for us. I have a 4.5 year old who still doesnt sleep thru the night. I will still put it on every now and again to see if there is just that amazing change and it will start working for us, but unfortunately not. I do have a 10 day old baby though, so fingers crossed shes a sleeper, but if not, i am definitely going to give the glow dreaming another chance 😁 I still find it handy if my 4.5 year old is unwell, as i will pop some peppermint oil in and it helps his breathing. So still has benefits, just not the one i was hoping for 😣😣😣
Just letting you know our experience of the glow dreaming. I found it took quite a while to work for my daughter. She went from sleeping 2 hours and waking. To sleeping 6 hours and settling so easy. But I find it makes no difference to sleep when my daughter is unwell. But she still doesn’t sleep through the night with the glow dreaming on and she’s 13 months old now. 
Sending you all love and hoping you are doing well. 
Love Kate 
So I’ve got the glowdreaming for my almost 3yr old. He started off an amazing sleeper and was sleeping through at 5 months or something crazy. Then we moved house. BAM! No sleep crying during the night it has been over a year! I got the glow dreaming end of last year… And honestly he still wakes during the night I don’t know what’s up or if I’m doing something wrong. I’m thinking about reaching out to Ngala too as my mr 9months is a shocking sleeper and will not self settle, or if I try to put him down once asleep he has a 6th sense and wakes up. Can’t wait for this blog as I’m desperate and tired and by the time hubby flies home I’m commando crawling I’m so tired 😂
Kind regards!
Hey Kyree
I absolutely SWEAR by it
Although my 7month old only occasionally sleeps through the night, it definitely has helped with his sleep.
2 night after we brought the lamp, he went from waking 3 times to only once.
We then went down south without it and he went back to waking 3 times and stirring more.
I have 2 glow dreaming devices in my household. One that we still use to this day for my 3yo son and one that we no longer use for me 16m daughter as i think we have purely just been blessed with a shitty sleeper! 😩😂

I purchased my first glow dreamer when my son was just shy of 18 months as he was the worst sleeper from newborn and we had seriously tried everything including looking into sleep school and glow dreamer honestly the biggest god send! Some magic happened and he has been sleeping through the night ever since! Huge shout out to Cara who helps provide us mummas with some shut eye! We no longer use the mister option but we have the warm red light on day and night in his room.I then purchased a second when my daughter was about 3 months but we just never got the same respone with her. She’s now 16m and still wakes through the night and is a devil to go to bed but fingers crossed something changes eventually, i know it won’t last forever!  I do definitely recommend Glow Dreaming as we had such a positive experience with it the first time around.Much love to you & your beautiful fam xxx
Janelle McManus

Hey Kyree
Saw your story about the Glow Dreaming. I borrowed my friends as my at the time 20 month old was having night terrors. She’s always been an amazing sleeper so I was lost with what to do, the glow Dreaming worked from day one! The right light and the soft noise resettled her at night and she now is back sleeping 12-14 hours. Only down fall, my LO grabbed hold of the glow Dreaming and it fell to the ground, it smashed and I was devastated . The touch buttons cracked and I had to replace it for my friend, I am now using the broken one (minus the essential oil part) for my little girl because It’s amazing but not amazing enough to replace and have broken again from such a small fall
Much love Ash x
Hi Kyree,
I hope this finds you well! 🙂
This is my honest, Glow Dreaming review as a mumma of a now 7.5 month old that has slept through since 5 months.
My almost 4 month old (at the time) was waking every 2-3 hours throughout the night and I ended up purchasing the Glow Dreaming in a bid to save my sanity.
Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I did touch base with the owner Cara, on multiple occasions for assistance throughout the 2 week period they advise and I was really disappointed with the customer service. I won’t go in to it anymore than that as I don’t want to dismiss a small Australian run business.
Anyway, I followed all the advise and unfortunately ended up not returning it and never using it again.
I also have two friends through my Mothers Group who have tried and failed with the Glow dreaming. However, one of them did say the red light soothed her bubba in the wind down before bed.
My little girl, Remi, started to sleep through once we taught her to self settle using a non-crying out method. Back rubs, hand holding and hair rubbing for around 4 nights – each night getting easier and shorter in time to initial settle, with less and less wake ups. And then eventually she just stopped waking. 😮
Hope this helps!
Much love,
Jesse xx
Hi lovely,
My sister bought glow dreaming for her twins as since birth they have been the worst sleepers. They’re 15 months now and she definitely noticed improvements.
I actually recommended it to her after @danipguy raved about it on her Instagram. It was an entirely unsponsored post but she just found it so good and my sister was at her wits end. She was about to take the boys to a private expensive sleep school she was that desperate.
Hope this helps,

Morning! I have 3 boys, 5 and twin 3 year olds. I got onto sleep with my first at 8 weeks and he’s slept through since, the twins also were fine from a young age but everything changed when we went on holidays when they were 2 (last feb) And since then have been waking and coming into my bed… anyway I’ve tried everything.. I purchased glow dreaming. My twins share a room and they would fall asleep fine but would wake  up and change the colours and turn it on and off after 3 weeks I stopped using it and that first night they both slept through which they hadn’t done it months. From then they were sleeping through…. then we went away this past Christmas and it happened again where they were out of their sleeping pattern. I’ve tried everything the last few months and I purchased another glow dreaming! Why!! They have good marketing btw!!! And they also bought out a new and improved one. I’ve been using it the last 3 weeks and 2 nights ago stopped because they were waking more than without it and that night I stopped using it they slept through and have the last 2 nights.

The company is amazing to deal with (my first one broke and they replaced it straight away) I won’t write a bad review directly to the company as I’m not sure if my twins sleeping in the same room changes the outcome. It is a lovely design and the oil smells amazing but it just hasn’t worked for my family.
Thanks for reading.
Leah Croucher

Hi Kyree,

Thought I’d send you a quick regarding your story on the Glow Dreaming.
My daughter was a terrible sleeper the first 4 months and I ended up having to sleep train her. Ever since then she has been an AMAZING sleeper- usually 12 hours a night.
She is now 2yrs 8months and about a month ago started waking in the night scared. She would be up for hours asking questions like ‘Is someone under my bed’… ‘what’s that noise’ etc!! After a very loooong night of night terrors I decided to try the Glow Dreaming Light.
We are on day 5 now and she is back to sleeping 11-12hrs. I don’t use the white noise, only the red light and humidifier. I think the light is comforting when she stirs at night.
I also spoke to the sleep specialist I used when she was a baby to double check I wouldn’t be making things harder for myself in the long run.
She said the Glow Dreaming Light is the only one she would recommend because it has no negative impact on your little ones sleep.
My only concern is that we will now have to take it when we go away – but the 12hrs Sleep is worth it.
Kiestyn x


Hi Kyree,Congrats on bubba number two! We purchased the Glow Dreaming about 6 months ago for our 18 month old boy. I was hoping for a miracle as the website pretty much promises it works. Didn’t do much for us to be honest, it’s a great night light, defuser and sound machine in one so it eliminates having multiple items. It seemed to help the first few nights but our now 2yr old still wakes at least once a night then comes to bed with us and it’s still a struggle getting him to sleep. We still put the Glow dreaming on every night just for consistency.
We are about to go to a sleep specialist in the next few sleeps to try and get out sweet bubba sleeping on his own and through the night before we have number 2!
I hope this helps and I wanted to let you know I love your blog and your honesty! You are doing a great job!!
Thank you,
Jess Willday

Hi Kyree, I’ve been using glow dreaming for around 4 weeks now for my 18 month old boy.
To start with, he has NEVER slept through the night. Always woken at least 4 times. At the time I purchased Glow dreaming he was waking up to 10 times and I was desperate!
The first night I used it he slept through the night!!!!! My husband and I were in shock and were desperately hoping it wasn’t a coincidence. Night 2,3 and 4 he only woke once of twice and then night 5 he slept through again for 13 hours.
Unfortunately the days following he had a cold and started teething again so we are back to around 3-5 wakes a night. Which is still sooooo much better than what it was previously.
We are still using glow dreaming because I am certain it is still helping in some way and we have our fingers crossed 🤞 that he will go back to sleeping through the night once his teeth come through. I should also add that I have been speaking with Taylor for customer care to help me with adjusting the machine to help with his needs and she has been a wonderful help! (@chrissie_anna)

Hi Kyree,I purchased Glow Dreaming when my daughter (now 18 months) was about 9 months old.
She continually woke through the night and we would spend hours trying to get her back to sleep. We’d sit at the side of her cot patting her, shushing her, sit and cuddle her – nothing was working and my husband and I were both at our wits end!
So I saw Glow Dreaming through an ad on Facebook (someone out there knew we were struggling haha) and I figured I’d give it a go. It had a 14-day (I think) money back guarantee, so if it didn’t work I could send it back, no questions asked.
Turned out to be the greatest thing! By the second night my daughter was sleeping through and she has done ever since (when she’s not teething, of course. I don’t think any sort of miracle could prevent teething wake-ups!). We still use the Glow Dreaming as a night light, but we stopped using the essential oils once the bottle ran out. I just never got around to ordering more, and her sleep wasn’t effected by its absence.
We’ve also always struggled with day sleeps. The Glow Dreaming kind of helped with that, but didn’t solve all our problems. But I’ve always been of the mindset that as long as she sleeps through the night, I can handle whatever she throws me in the day.
Hope this helps, and feel free to contact me should you like any more info.Kind regards
Michelle Loxton

Hi,I’ve got 2 glow dreaming units. While I wouldn’t say they help with extending sleep times I do like them. Here’s why:
1 unit is in my 15mo room and has been for months now. I LOVE the white noise feature and with 2 noisy big brothers the white noise blocks out ALL of the outside room noise! Our house is really echoey and we recently had visitors stay who also have a boy and when I was feeding bub to sleep in her room I couldn’t hear anything other than the white noise! 🙌🏼 I also love the diffuser and use it every night in her room. I don’t use the light feature in her room though. In my boys room (7 & 5 years) I use the diffuser every night, the red light (as a night light) and the white noise (but very low volume) and they love it!
So while I wouldn’t say it has helped extend sleep I do love it for it’s different features and uses! I also love the very long run time for the diffuser. Many diffusers don’t have such a long run time!
Hope this is what you’re looking for in a review. Kind regards
Carley Valikoula (@three.little.tozzies)

Hi Kyree,

Super brief outline! We bought a Glow Dreaming when our girl was about 8 months old, after trying EVERYTHING else (except controlled crying!). The correspondence from the lady (who’s name I’ve forgotten) was fantastic and she offered several suggestions to try and make it work for us, but we didn’t have any success unfortunately.  We still use the light every single night, but now at almost 17 months, bub still wakes 8+ times every night. We just kind of deal with the lack of sleep now!


Hi Kyree,
I’ve been using the Glow Dreaming system with my daughter for probably about 6 months now. I’m not sure whether it’s improved her sleep, but it’s definitely assisted her sleep routine. I love it for the red LED light as her nightlight, and for the humidifier/ aromatherapy oils. We first used it when we were teaching Olivia to self settle and it definitely helped her associate Glow Dreaming with it being time to sleep. We turn it on together after her nightly bath, and spend time in her room with it set up and on for about 20 minutes before bed time.
Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you love it!
Kahlia Bond
Hi I have a review.
unfortunately the glow dreaming system didn’t work for us, we used at all sleeps with the red light and the oil they provided and for recommended time and it made no difference to our daughters sleep (at 13 months old and waking numerous times during the night). It did however make her dependant on the light.
Hope that helps
Jessica 🙂

Thank you to Glow Dreaming for sponsoring this post. Even though this is sponsored, I was allowed to provide an honest review based including any negatives I found. All imagery, words and thoughts are completely my own.

Don’t forget to stop by @misskyreeloves for more inspo, shits and giggles.

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  1. Annie
    August 10, 2018 / 1:28 am

    Hi Kyree,

    May I ask where did you get Alaska’s cot mattress from, please? It looks quite special with one side a bit higher than the other side to protect the little one. And it looks super cozy as well!

    Thank you very much!

  2. July 22, 2018 / 5:30 pm

    Hi Kyree, love this all but huge question relating to Alaska sleeping through the night early on – were you still breastfeeding her in the night or did you wean her after 4 months so she didn’t need it anymore? I do a similar sleep routine with my 19 month old and he never ever slept through the night and is only getting into a groove. But he nursed a lot the first year of his life and I always find when I talk to other mothers who nurse just as much that plays a huge role in Baby sleeping through the night or not. Did you have any issues with this when you stopped co-sleeping and transitioned Alaska to her own room and crib? Thank you!! Colleen

    • Kyree Harvey
      July 22, 2018 / 10:35 pm

      Hey Colleen. Alaska was breastfeed until 7 months old and still woke for several feeds at night. But for some reason me walking down to feed her still was better than co sleeping. We both got solid sleep during the periods she wasn’t feeding VS continual broken sleep when both of us were waking each other. If this makes sense?

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