Maternity Fashion that’s not ugly AF

Maternity Fashion that’s not ugly AF!!! Is this even a thing? Abso-bloody-lutely! You just have to know where to shop and what will suit your gorgeous growing body shape.

Maternity fashion is notoriously expensive though. Just like weddings, prices always seem to double just because of the label. I guess this is why people hesitate to buy a whole new wardrobe because they just can’t justify spending big dollars, when it will only be worn for a short period of time.

But here’s the thing, I love finding versatile pieces that you CAN keep wearing again and again (even if they seem pricey). During pregnancy and after baby is earth side. This means you get more bang for your buck because it will last longer and you won’t feel as guilty buying.

I’ve probably spent way too much money on clothes this time around. I love experimenting with different styles, shapes, fits and colours and it was really important to me to test out a bunch of brands to be able to share them with everyone following along my journey. At the end of the day, when I feel comfortable and gorgeous in what I’m wearing, then I’m going to feel like a fucking queen too!

I do daily looks on my instagram– You can find all of these stories saved in my highlights. Most of the brands mentioned below, are saved in my highlights if you’d like to see them on a real body in real life ha!


Dressing The Bump Tips

  1. Buy good quality skirts that you can grow with
  2. Skirts are great as you can layer with all kinds of tops to make you feel like you’re always wearing a new outfit
  3. Tight dresses are great to layer also. With button up shirts or cropped tees or tops tied in a knot over a larger bump
  4. Go tight! I’ve found the tighter the better you feel. When you wear something super loose, you’ll feel frumpy and bigger than you are
  5. Layer! When you’re purchasing any of your maternity pieces, ask yourself if you can layer it and wear it multiple ways
  6. Choose versatile pieces that can be worn once baby is born too

Brands To Suggest

Pink Blush Maternity

Love love love this brand. They have larger sizes too, so they cater for all sizes!!!
It’s US based, so if you want to make a purchase, buy in bulk and shop up a storm to make the shipping worth while. I’ve been buying from them since  my first pregnancy and can’t boast about them enough. All their pieces are so versatile and most of the items have really stretchy and soft materials.

Discount: KYREE15 | True to size, I wear size small | SHOP: Website | Instagram |

Bae The label

On the more expensive side of things BUT definitely worth every cent. I made the decision to invest in a few of their stretchy staple pieces and have lived in them daily this whole pregnancy. Their skirts are very stretchy and flattering for all body shapes. You can layer their skirts different kinds of ways creating multiple looks.

Discount: kyreeloves (exp end of Oct) | True to size, I wear size small | SHOP: Website | Instagram 


Another on the pricier side BUT totally worth investing in a few of your favourite pieces. A very relaxed and casual vibe from this forgeous brand. Their fabrics are lush and soft and super versatile for pregnancy and that post baby body.

Discount: MISSKYREExLEGOE |True to size, I wear size 2 | SHOP: Website | Instagram

Moolk Shop

A great affordable brand for nursing friendly clothes that are still super trendy. You can wear their tees tied over a bump with a skirt. Their tees are timeless and can be worn so many different ways.

Discount: KYREELOVESXMAS (EXP end of Nov) | True to size | SHOP: Website | Instagram

Maive & Bo

A really affordable brand and I have worn them since my first pregnancy. Their wrap dresses are my go to especially towards the end when I’m feeling huge and just want something comfy to wear. Great for maternity photos, baby showers, or just day to day wear. These dresses are perfect for post pregnancy also so again, super versatile.

True to size, I wear size medium | SHOP: Website | Instagram

The Self Styler

A NON maternity brand but they constantly offer a wide range of dresses and tops that suit growing bumps or feeding friendly options. Look for pieces that have buttons at the top to make it feeding friendly.

Discount: MISSKYREELOVES | True to size | SHOP: Website | Instagram

Feather & Noise

Non maternity but still have a great range of styles that would suit a growing belly. Great flowy dresses, stretchy skirts that can be worn over the bump and button up styles to suit all stages of mother hood.

True to size, I wear size 10 | SHOP: Website | Instagram 

Marks & Spencer

They have a small maternity section available and I LOVE their affordable maternity leggings. They also have a lot of great non maternity styles that I’ve been living in like their leopard leggings as well as their skirts which can be worn over the bump. Another versatile store.

True to size, I wear size 10 | SHOP: Website | Instagram

Frankie & Co

Another really versatile store. They offer a wide range of maternity and a huge range of non maternity also. Lots of great wrap style dresses, button down tops and stretchy skirts.

SHOP: Website | Instagram

Coven & Co

A gorgeous brand, lots of whimsical pieces. Perfect for maternity photos or a special occasions with your growing bump.

SHOP: Website | Instagram


Great for special occasions as they are usually super affordable. I have their app on my phone so I always buy when they have specials on.

SHOP: Website 


Undies pack of three $15- Best thing I’ve bought all pregnancy! I wear these every day and they offer sooooo much bump support! They don’t leave an ugly undies line even when I wear my tight skirts and dresses. A gorgeous follower spoke to me today and said she suffers badly with endometriosis and these support her painful bloated belly.

SHOP: Website

This page is in no way sponsored. All words, creativity & thoughts are completely my own.

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  1. Elyse
    October 10, 2018 / 8:12 am

    Hi Kyree,

    After reading your maternity clothes post, I bought an item from Frankie & Co yesterday (9th of Oct) and your code did not work. When i contacted them, they said that code MISSKYREELOVES is currently expired. Just thought you would like to know!



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