It’s Looking Like A Magical Christmas (Earlier The Better!)

Y’all know how much I LOVEEEE CHRISTMAS! I’m like that freako Christmas nutter, who’s eyes light up with the word festive is even mentioned. Too early for decorations you say? Mate, it’s never too early! I’d leave them up all year if I bloody could! You’re a bit OTT with Christmas cheer you say? Ok, nows about the time you need to step away from me, before I slap you with some festive AF glittery tinsel!



Yes my tree is up! Surprisingly Alaska (my almost two year old) hasn’t been interested in it at all! I don’t know if I should be super offended by her lack of excitement, or relieved that she hasn’t tried to climb it and eat the decorations!

I basically hounded Balsam Hill all year to see if they’d like to work with me. I was so desperate to have one of their famous trees that I almost traded Alaska in (Kidddinggg cough cough). In all seriousness though, when Balsam Hill contacted me to be a part of their home tour series (along with a bunch of other incredible bloggers) I pretty much wet my pants with Christmas joy. This collaboration is truly a dream come true and I’m so grateful to be able to share my new tree as I JUST KNOWWW y’all with love it too!

I’ve been bombarded with questions from you all about where everything is from (loveee how festively excited everyone is getting), so here’s my detailed list so you can shop the magical festiveness too!




Guys, “fluffing” is an actual thing! Yep, tree fluffing (ok, technically it’s called tree shaping. But fluffing is so much better!). If you don’t know what this is, then you’re about to get your life CHANGED! I’ve watched several Youtube videos on how to fluff the tree properly and bloody Nora, it makes a HUGE difference! Fluffing correctly will transform your drab see-through tree, into the most incredibly lush and full tree-beast that you won’t even want to hide away with decorations! This year, I fluffed the tree for over two hours (I know fluffers who perfect their fluffing for days!) and it created an epic type of fullness which meant I actually had to HALVE my decorations! I didn’t need as many this year as the fullness took up all the space!

You get 2x pairs of tree shaping gloves (fluffing gloves sounds better) to allow you to install and fluff the tree like a Christmas goddess. Because you’re spending so much time fluffing, you need to protect those delicate little hands! If you don’t wear gloves you get all scratched up so this is legit the best thing that comes with the tree.

Learn how to fluff your tree HERE  Or another HERE


Shop All My Christmas Details

Our Tree- Balsam Hill code ADOREKYREE on top of current sales SHOP HERE
Silver & Gold Glass Ornament Set- code ADOREKYREE SHOP HERE
Giant Garland over the TV- code ADOREKYREE SHOP HERE
Champagne Acanthus Flower Picks- code ADOREKYREE SHOP HERE 
Red tree Skirt – 150cm Cardinal Berkshire Quilted Tree Skirt SHOP HERE 
Red alphabet stockings (M&S) SHOP HERE
Various Wrapping Paper (Ikea) SHOP HERE 
Owls & birds – Oranments (collected over the years) SHOP HERE 
Pink butterfly Ornaments (collected over the years) SHOP HERE 
Santa Wooden Plate to leave out on christmas eve SHOP HERE 
Christmas Eve Family Box (Jimi Keepsakes) SHOP HERE 
Garlands along the photo ledges (added in my own berries) SHOP HERE
Santa Stop Here wooden plaque (Zilvi) SHOP HERE


Why I Love My Tree

The quality of every piece I’ve received is out of this world amazing. I’ve had the tree up for almost a month now so I’ve been able to test it out, admire it and fall in love. I wouldn’t share the details at all, if I truly wasn’t happy.

The tree is pre lit, which is one feature I LOVE! Saves you time on installation (you now are spending more time tree fluffing, you don’t have time to also wrap around strings of lights that are more often than not, a tangled bloody mess).

The tree branches DO NOT SHED! You know when you install your tree and you usually have to end the day by hoovering up all the mess from all the bristles? Yeh well these Balsam Hill trees DO NOT SHED! NOT. ONE. BIT!

Comes with a tree bag. When you finallllllyyyy are ready to take your tree-baby down, then you have a nice secure place to store it away.

***Currently on sale up to 40% off + FREE shipping***
I guess the price is something that families would really have to take into consideration. They certainly aren’t in the same price category as a Kmart or BigW tree, BUT you get what you pay for. At the end of the day, a Balsam Hill tree is going to be an investment as it’s going to last much longer than a cheaper tree that sheds. All of last year I stalked their site and they often have really generous sales site wide.

This blog is in no way sponsored, the links are NOT affiliate links ( so I don’t earn anything from people clicking/purchasing). Thank you to Balsam Hill for allowing me to be apart of this generous collaboration in 2018. All words, creativity & thoughts are completely my own. I only ever review products I have tested and love to ensure I remain honest and genuine. 

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  1. Alana
    November 25, 2018 / 8:41 am

    Love the Christmas cheer, I had my tree up early as well! Just wondering if you’ll be sharing more on your Christmas traditions this year with Alaska and baby number 2 – are you adding or changing anything?

  2. Clare
    November 23, 2018 / 12:21 am

    Christmas crazy here too!! I support our unique love of Christmas 🙌

  3. November 21, 2018 / 11:34 pm

    Christmas nutter over here too ha ha! Please come and fluff my tree (ahem!) as mine never looks as good as that x

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