Christmas Toy Shopping With Fisher-Price

Fisher- Price is a brand that most of us have grown up with. Bright coloured, fun toys that have filled our houses and encouraged endless imaginative play. When I was asked to test out some of their range, I literally jumped at the opportunity because Alaska just adores the little people range!

One thing I noticed right away with the Fisher-Price range, is that they aren’t obviously gender specific. Alaska has fallen in love with what could be seen as the traditional “boys” toys. The plane, the boat and the camper van, are all amongst her favourite daily go to toys. They are full of sounds and colourful animation which has encouraged Alaska to develop her language skills. With the help of these life like toys, she has started identifying the real life object with each toy. When she sees a plane, she can point and say the word, make the sounds and move her body about as if she was flying. She makes the correct sounds that are associated with each toy and gets so excited when she sees them in real life.

Another thing I was surprised about is the value for money. Such an affordable price point for how big each toy is and for what seems like ever lasting quality. Alaska still plays with her daddy’s Fisher-Price car yard that is over 30 years old. His mum kept a lot of the toys that her kids loved playing with, so it’s really special to see Alaska playing with the same products that’s been kept within the family.

You can tell that Fisher-Price has thought really hard about each of the names they have given their range. They are all relevant to the toy, but also explain how we as parents can use each product as an effective learning tool. The “Friend-ship” is a boat. I think this name is extremely clever and makes me really happy to help Alaska learn the art of sharing with her friends, including friends in every day play and can help to teach respect and acceptance.

With Christmas fast approaching, I figured this would be a great time to do a review on all of the Fisher-Price pieces we’ve had over the past year. I’ve included all of the toys we’ve loved and all come at a really affordable price point. This helps to make shopping for your family at a busy time less daunting and less overwhelming.

The Toys

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ Tablet Assorted


This is a great toy to have in your bag at all times. A great distraction for kids when you need it the most out and about. This is an educational toy, so they learn as they press buttons.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 11.23.29 am

Fisher-Price 3 in 1 Sit, Stride and Ride Lion


This lion is super fun! The colours are bright and lights up counting to 10. Alaska loves pushing the numbers and feeding the lion like it was her very own pet.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 11.22.55 am

Fisher-Price Little People Songs and Sounds Camper Playset


This is my all time favourite! I’ll be keeping this for Alaska’s children! This gives off a vintage vibe and reminds me of a gorgeous combi van!  It opens up to give the child a camping experience. Alaska loves dancing around when the songs come on and pushing it around the house picking up her other little people friends.

Fisher-Price Little People® Travel Together Friend Ship


This is such amazing value for money! It’s a HUGE toy and when it’s opened up, there is so much quality detailing that has mesmerised Alaska from day one. It’s a great learning tool as I explained above, about teach your kids about sharing and friendships and including others.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ Learn With Puppy Walker Assorted


This adorable walker comes in a bunch of animals. Again it’s full of life and has encouraged Alaska to associate dog noises with the real thing. She loves pushing him around on walks, feeding him and patting his ears, as if he was a really puppy.

More Toy Range

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Thank you to Fisher-Price for sponsoring this post. All pieces were hand chosen by myself or previously owned by Alaska.
I’ve only shown products that I truly love. All imagery, words and thoughts are completely my own.

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