Easy Steps To Keep Tidy With A Busy Family

Keeping tidy is something I love doing at home to ensure I start each day with a clean slate. Having a “clean house” is different to living in a “tidy space” and we make it one of our priorities so we aren’t overwhelmed. I often get asked why my house looks so in place when I have young kids, so I’ll share my top secret tips below, to help you feel onto of your game at home too.

I was asked to review the new Wertheim Evolution hand stick vacuum. Who knew I’d get this excited over a cleaning tool when I got to my 30s! (insert face palm but also insert happy dance). I thought it would be great to share my review & also my keeping tidy tips to hopefully help you stay tidy too.

How To Stay Tidy

  1. During the day, LET THERE BE MESS!

If you’re like me and have a kid that hasn’t learnt to pack away their toys when they are finished (hello bad mum/ guilt trip/ working on that!), then just let them have fun without getting mad at them for leaving a trail of destruction behind. Let the kids be kids, let them be tornados around the house, cluttering each space with their fun as they go. Hopefully they learn to pick things up and put things away on their one eventually ha! BUT until then, try not to follow them around picking up everything because this just makes a hell of a lot more work for you! As soon as you learn to embrace the mess, you’ll feel that stress melt off you!

2. Set a routine and choose a time to pack away the clutter and mess

You can make this a fun game with your kids, or choose to do it solo (I personally find it rather therapeutic doing it on my own aha). Choose a time at the end of the day and make this your pack away time zone. Put away everything into their allocated home. Take a basket and walk around the main living areas collecting anything that doesn’t belong. Then take each item and put it back where it does belong. I usually just throw things onto bed, onto cupboards or into the correct room. But as long as my main areas are back to being tidy then that’s the purpose.

3. Do the main things before you go to bed so you wake up FRESH!

Pack the dishwasher or do the dishes and put them away. Put loads of washing into the correct wardrobes or rooms to tackle tomorrow. Wipe down the dinner table, fill tomorrows water bottles, prep and make lunches, fill your diffuser ready to turn on first thing in the morning. Do all these little things to help make your mornings easier and less overwhelming. Start each day with a tidy living space so that your mind is fresh, less stressed and so you feel more in control of the day ahead.

4. Run the stick vacuum around the main areas every night before bed

We hoover the floors with a stick vacuum every night without fail. The beauty of a stick vacuum means it’s super convenient to whip out, run over the floors and put back. No hassle with cords or heavy machines, no excuses needed. Alaska usually runs a trail of food or crumbs around the house during the day, so I can make sure it’s hoovered up before I go to bed and literally likes two minutes. See a bunch of stick vacuums on sale HERE.

5. Doing all of these tasks on a daily basis means it won’t pile up and drown you in it by the end of the week or month

Putting everything away each day, or putting clean washing into correct rooms or hooving up the floor quickly each night actually helps to prevent a huge pile up of TO DO’s by the end of the month. Some days it’s easier to just ignore the mess, and then before you know it, it’s all piled up, the house looks like a shit storm and you don’t even know where to begin! If you start doing small tasks each day, with baby steps, you’ll honestly start feeling more in control.

6. Being a TIDY FREAK isn’t the same as being a CLEAN FREAK!

Don’t feel that you need to scrub your house clean so you can eat off the floors every night. There’s a difference between clean and tidy and I can promise you my house isn’t always clean BUT it’s usually pretty tidy. Focus on the smaller cleaning tasks each day so that when you go to do a house clean, there’s less for you to have to tackle.

Stick Vacuum – New Wertheim Evolution Review

What I first loved about this stick vacuum is you don’t have to keep pressing onto the on trigger. Once it’s clicked in, the vacuum stays running. I also love the slick look with the matt black and silver touches. It’s not going to be an eye sore if you have this set up where people can see.

I was immediately impressed with how much suction this stick vacuum has. Like I said above, we hoover every night before bed, but the amount of crap that this Wertheim had sucked up in a matter of seconds was disturbing!!! My face seeing the contents after five minutes of testing it out was pretty shocked!!! I even facetimed my husband to show him how gross our carpet was aha!

This is bagless with a clear container that gathers all the crap off the floor (see my pic below, this was after only one minute of hoovering my bedroom carpet. GROSS RIGHT!). It also comes apart really easily which is a nice change.

Wertheim Evolution Specs

  • Ideal for carpet and hard floor surfaces
  • Comes complete with a charging dock
  • When you’ve finished cleaning, simply stand your handstick on the changing dock
  • This handy docking station also holds the spare battery and all the accessories for easy and quick access storage
  • Prefer not to use the docking station? No stress! You can also charge via the handstick if desired
  • The high efficiency European made motor provides reliability and uses less energy
  • Up to 25 mins using a single battery*
  • Up to 50 mins using two batteries*
  • Easily converts from a Stickvac to a Handstick or a Handvac
  • HEPA Filtration to trap allergen triggers
  • Mini Motorized Pet Brush is ideal for those who have pets, effectively removing pet hair from furniture, cars, stairs and more!
    compromising performance or motor life

If you’re in the market for a stick vacuum then do yourself a favour and go test this bad boy out in store or buy HERE. Compare it with other vacuums and you too will be spirited with how great it is.

Thank you to Godfreys for sponsoring this post. This stick vacuum was selected by me for a review and then gifted to my grandparents. I trialled this vacuum before I wrote this review to ensure I actually did love it. All imagery, words and thoughts are completely my own.

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