Capturing Those Toddler Candids

Loxley is now 18 months old. Where the bloody hell did that time go! it’s so sad how fast they grow up, when they tell you to soak in every moment, you really don’t know which moments you should be breathing in, absorbing and remembering forever.

I sometimes catch myself just staring at him. Wondering what he’ll be like when he’s a grown man. Wondering if he’ll be just as in love with me then, like he is now.

I often find myself kissing his squishy face all over, or breathing in deeply the soft skin on his arms. As if I’ll suddenly forget to do those things tomorrow.

I find myself aching at the thought of him growing up before our eyes. It goes so quick they always warn us, but you never fully grasp just how quick, until they seem different. As if you just clicked your fingers & the older version appeared out of thin air.

Capturing these candid moments, don’t really mean much now. But when I’m old, & Loxley calls me less & living his best adult life, I’ll be able to flip through these moments I captured & feel those sweet kisses on his toddler face, & remember the smell of his soft baby skin.


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