Make Your Own Perfect Milk Bath- Yes, With Real Milk! (The Cow Kind, Not From The Human Breast!)

I recently made a milk bath for my 7 month old Alaska, in the hope that it would soothe & distract her from the awful woes of teething! Instead of dosing her up with painkillers, I wanted to see if I could take her mind off what she was feeling, by letting her experience something new and exciting. Continue reading

Less Is More. 9 Pieces, Multiple Ways With Marks & Spencer!

For me to enjoy my day to day life, I need to feel good and comfortable in what I’m wearing. One thing I’ve always struggled with is choosing clothes though and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve got a full wardrobe but never anything to wear. My day can be totally hijacked if I’m not comfortable in what i’m wearing, then my mood follows suit. Continue reading