Joolz Day 2. Best Pram Out. Period!

I’ve always been a huge assed Joolz pram fan. Alaska has been wheeled around in her navy Joolz Geo since she was born and  she’s never complained once! I was asked to review the new Joolz Day 2 as I’m passionate about the one we already own and will always encourage new mamas to go the Joolz-way too! 

It can be really overwhelming choosing a pram; so many beautiful brands and models available in endless colour choices! What’s the safest? what’s practical?  What fits into my budget? 

When I was pregnant last year, Hubby & I tested out dozens of prams in store and we pretty much got divorced over making a decision lol. At the end of the day, we decided to spend that little bit extra to get a top of the range set of wheels purely because we knew our baby would be spending a lot of time in it and we wanted something that was going to last for years to come (for our next baby)!!!

I sadly have to give this one back but I’ve had fun testing out for the review anyway! 

What’s New?

Ventilation: Top of the visor and at the end of the bassinet is a flap for better ventilation. This allows you access to keep an eye on your baby and to allow better air flow. A must for our hot climate. 

Toy Hanger: There’s toy hanger loops inside the sun hood making it easier to hang pretty toys for your babes to marvel at. 

Basket: This is an extra large basket compared to the previous model. Storage is a must have when searching for your perfect stroller. 

Sun hood: The sun hood has an extra large flap that retracts and flips back. Making it easier for you to shade your babe when need be. 

Steering: The steering on this new bad boy is the best! It’s what made me want a Joolz when we were pram shopping. Easy to steer one handed without any hassles. 

Tyres: The tyres are puncture proof. Ahhh need I say anymore?

You still have to remove the basket or seat from the base to be able to fold it down BUT I’ve never had any issues doing this. It’s simple and easy enough for me to take apart and lift into the car. 

Joolz Day2 $1869 Included is the chassis, chair, bassinet and XL basket. 

This Joolz Day 2 will be available to buy in April. 

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