“Hey Mamma, Love those jeans!!!”

I love denim! I pretty much LIVE in denim and there’s no exception to my “I adore denim rule” just because my belly is expanding (hello growing baby belly). I don’t want to compromise my style while I’m pregnant (there’s some pretty awful stuff out there let me tell you!). In fact, rocking my new pregnant body is the most stylish I’ve felt in a long time- even if I do feel 20kgs heavier aha. Expecting mumma’s should be able to feel super stylish but equally as comfortable too! I’ve found the perfect mix of comfort and style with these @nydj denim maternity jeans (insert happy dance).







I always told myself, I would NEVER need to wear maternity clothes, I bet I’ll be that stick thin girl with a basketball at the front so I’ll still be able to wear normal sized things (insert face palm, eye roll, cough cough). I’ve actually expanded in places I didn’t even know could expand ahaha. So this means a whole new wardrobe to fit my new shape.
These jeans work and mould with your body shape, pretty much like a magical pair of jeans!!! The denim is soft and stretchy and hides all those lumps and bumps that we like to try and hide. They also have a belly band which adds that extra touch of comfort. I actually am really surprised with how comfy a belly band is with jeans. I assumed that extra layer would be super weird to wear and uncomfortable BUT it’s the complete opposite!!! These @nydj  jeans are so supportive and I feel like I could live in them daily, just like I love doing!
If you’re in Australia & feeling overwhelmed with buying jeans overseas, I swear to you these are a godsend! I went with a size 4 (go down a size as they suggest on their site). If you’re feeling unsure about the price, I figure maternity fashion is worth spending the money if it’s a quality product & I can wear & style these jeans a million different ways.
Don’t compromise your style just because you’re changing shape and size growing a baby! Treat yourself, spoil yourself, be kind to yourself and don’t let your style slide!
Buy your denim here: NYDJ Denim #DenimDelivery #FitToBeANewMama
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