About Kyree

Hello there Gorgeous,

My name is Kyree Harvey and I’m so glad you stopped by. This is where I write about my passion for interior styling, I show you the clothes I love and the baby items I’ve been collecting for our Bebe Glory Box.  This is my online journal where I chat about my life and let you in on the journey my Husband and I are venturing on.

I adore taking photos of my gorgeous home and I absolutely love supporting small and local businesses to showcase what they have to offer.

Enjoy the read xo

Email // hello@misskyreeloves.com
Instagram // @misskyreeloves
Facebook // Miss Kyree Loves
Pinterest //@misskyreeloves


11 thoughts on “About Kyree

  1. Kyree your style is to die for, I just love everything about it! My love for homewares, interior decoration and design has me embarking on my own journey of studying interior design and decoration and I can’t WAIT to learn more about it! Your blog, home and you in general are all very inspiring! Xx


  2. Hi kyree. Love your styling you are so inspirational. I’m building a balinese style home in hobart, tasmania. I’m in love with everything asian design and mixing stone, timber and concrete. I would love any ideas you would have for me… Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, susie


  3. Hi Kyree, I stumbled across your Instagram which led me here. I was wondering how you got into your chosen career pathway. What made you choose it? And how you’ve gotten to this point. I’ve left school for a while now and I’m kindve stuck in a rut. Btw, love all of this immensely x


  4. Congratulations Ky! You did your best to bring a healthy baby girl to this world! You’re very strong and went through so much! I was lucky to have very short labour with my girl and I’m grateful for that after reading stories with such a difficult labour like yours. it took a lot of courage to wait that long for some help so you should feel very proud of yourself and never doubt that! Before next lobour try to practice with a special balloon thing to excercise your vgg muscles 🙂 I believe it helped me with natural labor. Hope you’ll get better soon! And congrats again 🙂 Alaska is beautiful


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