Perth Hills Fires- How You Can Help

The Perth Hills Fires of 2121, have already destroyed 81 homes. That’s 81 devastated families needing our support financially, emotionally and physically.

Here is a list of information and ways to help. If you have anything important for me to include, please either email me or comment below.

Info For Those Affected

Free Building inspections for all victims to speed up the re build process- Urban Living Building Inspections INFO HERE OR Call BRAD on 0424 344 788 @urbanlivingbuildinginspections

Free loan cars for victims – Maddington & Canning Vale Toyota offering 100 loan cars CONTACT HERE also info at @maddingtontoyota1

FREE vehicle towed, or animals transported – contact Specialized Tilt Tray & Towing Services 0499600200

The Royal Agricultural Society WA is providing temporary accomodation at Claremont Show Grounds. Donations of bedding can be delivered to Jim Webster Pavillion entry via Gate 1. Contact 6263 3100 or LOCATION

Paddocks available for free to keep horses – Call Asha on 0439 439 978

Apply for the federal government disaster recovery allowance call 180 22 66

Apply for CWA grant HERE or email

Donating money

Lots of us are sceptical to donate money to organisations, as we now know after last years Australian fires that not “all” the money goes to those who actually need it. Please do your research before you choose to donate to any of the listed below.

The Lord Mayors Distress Relief Fund. Their website states that all overheads are absorbed internally, so all money donated is actually going to those who need it. All funds raised to be distributed to those affected DONATE HERE

Bendigo Bank Bushfire Appeal. The WA Summer Bushfire Appeal is raising funds to support community recovery in the areas impacted by the summer bushfire DONE HERE

In Western Australia, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services does not take monetary donations as it is a government body; however, check out its list of ways to support firefighters and volunteers

The Sir James Mitchell Fund provides education and welfare assistance DONATE HERE

The DGR Community Fund provides drought and disaster relief DONATE HERE

Food & Housing

The Royal Agricultural Society WA is providing temporary accomodation at Claremont Show Grounds. Donations of bedding can be delivered to Jim Webster Pavillion entry via Gate 1. Contact 6263 3100 or LOCATION

Donate coffees or meals by paying it forward at @cafemojomundaring DONATE HERE (currently at capacity to provide food and coffees to everyone. If they run out of funds they will switch this pay it forward system back on)

Free food available at @pastainthevalley HERE

Free food packages at Super IGA Stratton HERE

Free accomodation through Air BNB HERE

Free Accomodation at Cottesloe Each Chalet HERE

Drop off points

Drop off food, clothing, materials to the below centres. I would imagine they want people to stay away from the affected areas to not clog up or get in peoples way. But I’m sure physical items will be needed to help this affected.

The Royal Agricultural Society WA is providing temporary accomodation at Claremont Show Grounds. Donations of bedding can be delivered to Jim Webster Pavillion entry via Gate 1. Contact 6263 3100 or LOCATION

Swan Christian College Community Outreach Program. Taking physical donations to help those in need. INFO HERE Please contact them to discuss times and details so they aren’t inundated.

Will update this when I research

Donating To Affected Families

Go Fund Me – I’ve linked the Perth Hills Fires search term so you’re able to find the families affected DONATE HERE

  1. Leigh, Tana & the boys DONATE HERE
  2. Wally 73 Year old Veteran DONATE HERE
  3. Jessica Blackwell & Young son DONATE HERE
  4. Emma & Family DONATE HERE
  5. Steve DONATE HERE
  6. Joels Grandparents DONATE HERE
  7. Nellandra and Ben DONATE HERE
  8. Andrew DONATE HERE
  9. Kymmie and Slayde DONE HERE
  10. Siemon & Family DONATE HERE
  11. Nathanial & Pamela DONATE HERE
  12. P & T Campbell DONATE HERE
  13. The Robson Family DONATE HERE
  14. Elaine and Family DONATE HERE
  15. Tahlia DONATE HERE
  16. Lee Lyons & Dog Ginni DONATE HERE
  17. Phil & Craig DONATE HERE
  18. Shayne and Raquel DONATE HERE
  19. PJ and Nathanial DONATE HERE
  20. The Kelleher’s DONATE HERE
  21. Ozolins Family DONATE HERE
  22. The Brooks DONATE HERE
  23. Linda DONATE HERE

Donating To Helping the animals

Petstock Bio call John (08) 9479 1544 To pay over the phone and buy Hay bales $13, Chaff $25, Pony Cubes $20. Trucks will distribute feed.

Animal Rehabilitation – Perth Wildlife Rescue Network INFO HERE

Native Animal Rescue DONATE HERE

Herne Hill stockfeed Call 0420403199 and donate money towards animal food. Pay whatever you can and state “Ease WA Emergency Feed”. The feed will then be distributed to those in need working along side Department of Primary Industries City of Swan. MORE INFO


Animals Australia DONATE HERE

Needing more info

These are the best local site to find out updates and information

Department of Fire & Emergency Services HERE

Perth Hills Fire Chat – Facebook group HERE

The Bushfire In Perth Hills Western Australia, Australia – Facebook Group HERE


We need the power of social media to come together here. Sharing as much info as possible so that we can help the families devastated by these fires. A simple share to your social media platforms if FREE and super helpful. We all came together as a country this time last year during the Eastern State fires, so now Perth needs our support.

I will continue to update this info today.



  1. Felicity McArthur
    February 26, 2021 / 12:25 am

    I know its been awhile but are you still taking donations of bedding and and household goods to help the victims.

  2. Lisa Nash
    February 6, 2021 / 6:43 am

    What you have done Kyree is fantastic. You have put a lot of thought and hours into this. You are one very thoughtful young lady.xx

  3. Astrid
    February 5, 2021 / 1:37 am

    I would be very grateful if you can add the gofundme page for my friend and her family, 3 households from same family all lost their houses. I send an email with details. Please advice if not received. Could not thank you and the broader public enough for your support to all families affected

  4. Frankie Lange
    February 3, 2021 / 3:43 am

    We are farmers 1.5hrs south east of Perth(Pingelly) and willing to take on any animals for anyone!

  5. February 3, 2021 / 12:37 am

    Cafe Mojo in Mundaring has an online Pay It Forward system in place to buy coffee and a meal for firies or people in the area that need it. ❤

    • Kyree Harvey
      February 3, 2021 / 12:41 am

      Thanks Carinne, it’s already listed above. Very generous of them.

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