Cards For Keeps Book

Cards For Keeps

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I’ve been working on this collaboration with Write To Me for this past year. I approached Anna and pitched her my vision and she instantly fell in love with the idea.

I’m very sentimental and find it difficult to throw away cards or anything that holds a happy memory. Up until recently, I was hoarding every birthday card since I was a baby in multiple storage boxes. I would never go through them though and really, what was the point in keeping all of those if you weren’t ever going to flip through them and reminisce?

Cards For Keeps is to replace the need to buy a new card on special occasions and there are enough pages to last you for 10+ years. All of the well wishes and love notes from your partner and kids can now be written on the blank pages in one timeless book.

Every Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthdays, Christmas, what ever special occasion you would usually buy a card for, you can doodle and write down those messages into one book.

I love the idea of in ten years time, being able to flip through this book to see how much my children have grown. How their drawings have flourished. How their hand writing has changed. Being able to see the once blank pages now intertwined with love notes to me and their daddy. To be able to see at once glance fond memories over the years.

These books aren’t like baby books where forget to record mile-stones. You will only need to whip these books out on special occasions, just like you would be buying a card. But instead this book will become your new card!

Cards For Keeps has now become a part of our family traditions and I’m excited to continue adding to these books over the coming years.

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