Raising Francis Fiddle – How To Keep Your Fiddle Fig Tree Alive

Francis Fiddle sitting pretty in his favourite bright space. Basket from @norsuinteriors and Paper Bag from @freshcutinteriors
Do you admire seriously luxurious plants on Pinterest, or wonderfully green plants on Instagram? Do you find yourself silently crying a little into your hands because you can never seem to keep yours alive? Yes, that was me crying like an emotional wreck, envious of those who managed to grow a healthy forest inside a bland suburban home.

I always wanted indoor plants in my own place. As a child I remember exploring my Grandparents house, my imagination would run wild about the fairies and magical creatures that lived inside. I was always fascinated by the enchanting greenery that grew in every corner. My Grams loves her garden and feels like a piece of her is missing if she’s not surrounded by roses and nature.

Fast track to my adult years and I’m now in my own home. I think it’s safe to admit that I’ve been buying up an indoor plant storm. “Buy some indoor plants, it will be easy” they said. Since I posted my first photo of my plants, I have had numerous people question how I’m even keeping it alive. By the sounds of it, there are a lot of “not so” green thumbs out there. Indoor plants are easy to look after? Ok, I want to strangle who ever first said that, not everyone has the touch of the green thumb.

I adore Succulents, I feel happiest when I’m surrounded by them. Concrete planters from @littlegreythumb
Succulents Galore. They are very easy to keep alive, just don’t over water them.
Another type of indoor plant I have been raising. Candle from @freedomaustralia. Heart print from @meenyminy Number print from @yorkelee_prints. Blocks from @peachybaby_
My indoor plants appear to be flourishing so far, maybe I inherited my Grams’s magical gardening skills? Not really, I just researched my butt off so I knew what I was in for before I bought up the nursery. The plant I adore the most, is our Fiddle Fig Trees. They are bang on trend, look fabulous when they are growing strong and tall, and they brighten even the dullest of spaces. I of course had to jump of the Fiddle band wagon too, my new scandi style home wouldn’t have been complete without this addition.

How do you raise a baby Fiddle?

About a month ago, we brought our very own Fiddle Fig Leaf into our home, we named our baby Francis. He weighed in at a healthy 3 pounds and was just under 60cm long. His leaves were lush, vibrant and I was an instantly proud Mumma. Fiddles are meant to be treated like your own baby, lots of tender loving care and attention. It surprised me how much I took this new “Mumma” role seriously. As soon as I brought him home, I instantly panicked about the care I was giving him. Did I water him today? Am I watering him too much? Does he have enough light there? Is the sun frying his leaves there?

Francis Fiddle moved into our home, before Ben and I did
Let there be light According to my research (hellooooo Google) Fiddle Leaf Figs absolutely crave sunlight. They need it to thrive and if you position them in the delicious sun then they will eat it up. If you position them in a darker area of you home, they will actually follow the sun and begin to grow crookedly. They don’t grow so efficiently in darker spaces, they are afraid of the dark. In saying this, if yours is sitting in a dark space right then stop reading and go and move it to a brighter corner.

I’ve moved our Fiddle all over the house, I’ve found he loves this bright corner the most
How much is too much– You might be surprised to learn that Fiddles don’t need all that much water. A generous soaking at least once a week is all my Francis receives and he seems to be loving that amount. But how much is that exactly you ask? Well, it really depends on how big your fiddle is. Francis is roughly 1m tall and I feed him about two standard cups of water a week. If your fiddle is smaller then reduce this amount slightly. Still confused? My general rule of thumb, is to stick my finger in the soil (sounds gross) and if it feels dry then I will give him another drink. If the soil is still damp, then don’t over water it (you don’t want to drown the poor green baby).

I kept the Fiddles in the bathrooms at first, as this was a good reminder to water them. If your bathroom is nice and light, then this could be a gorgeous home for yours.
Our baby Fiddle currently sits in our main bathroom
Creepy Crawlies It was a fear of mine that if I brought living plants into my home, that I would also bring creepy crawlies inside too. I am delighted to say that this hasn’t yet happened and my house has been bug free so far. The trick with keeping the nasties away is keeping your Fiddle clean. They get dusty just like anything else inside, so wiping down the leaves with a damp cloth once a fortnight will help keep the spider webs off and will also allow the leaves to breathe naturally. There is nothing better than seeing your baby Fiddle all shiny & green, I swear he smiles back at me when he’s had a wipe over.

I have a plate sitting under Francis, this is to catch any excess water or dirt. You may find if you are over watering, then there will always be water catching at the bottom. This may attract nasty little critters or midgies, so reduce your watering. I loved you First print by @onetinytribe
A Mummas Voice– Ok, sounds bizzare but Fiddles are like babies and actually respond to people around them. If you sing to your Fiddle or have a sneaky little chat with it, I promise he’s listening (perhaps do this when no one else is around, you don’t want to look too cray cray).

I would love to see you with your new green babes in your homes. Please tag me on Instagram at @misskyreeloves to show me how your Fiddles are growing up to be stong, healthy, little cherubs.

Don’t be afraid to move your Fiddle around your house, they are hardy plants and love the attention.



  1. Susan
    July 1, 2015 / 1:26 pm

    Thanks for this great advice!! What size is the basket in the photos?

  2. May 11, 2015 / 5:49 am

    Hi, just found you through Feather & Noise, congrats!! You’re obviously a Perth girl because amongst other things we share a love of Karrinyup SC!! Wondering where you got your Fiddle Fig?? Love your pics, just gorgeous!!

  3. Faith
    April 23, 2015 / 3:57 am

    Hi Kyree, I have an unrelated question- what colour paint is on your walls? 🙂

  4. April 9, 2015 / 7:31 am

    Hooray! Loved reading your blog! Francis looks gorgy!

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