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The countdown to my dream wedding is on! November 28 is only just around the corner and there’s still so much planning, organising and of course freaking out to be done. I always assumed planning a wedding would be stressful and really hard to organise but I haven’t really experienced that major freak out/ bridezilla moment yet. In all honestly, I had been planning my wedding years before I actually got engaged. I figured we had been together for almost a decade and it was bound to happen at some stage, eventually. I did endless research on the things I wanted, the theme I wanted to style and of the dress I desperately wanted to wear.

This research really did help me because as soon as we got engaged, I was planning like a cray cray bride on a serious caffeine fix. I began emailing the suppliers I wanted and booking them in with a small deposit. I didn’t have to wait around for responses from these people, I didn’t have to compare prices to see who would be the cheapest and I didn’t have to sit on decisions or choices. If I loved them and the price seemed reasonable, then I just booked them. Lots of brides lose sleep and stress over differences in quotes for roughly $10, they freak over who they should choose because they want the cheapest deal possible. Yes I believe it’s a good idea to ensure you’re getting the best deal in price and quality, but at the end of the day I didn’t want to put this pressure on myself and just went with what looked good, what seemed reasonable and what felt right.

IMG_1240 IMG_0329

There are lots of lists and spreadsheets that I am keeping to get me through this wedding process. I thrive on structure and crave organisation so I strongly urge to all Brides out there, to keep track of what you’re spending and tick off everything as you go (do this for your own sanity).

Wedding Budget
This spread sheet has another 5 columns that shows how much everything is, how much in deposits we’ve paid as well as what we owe on items.

One of the bigger things left on my wedding list, is arranging the gift registry and organising our honey moon (picturing the snowy woods in Canada, around a toasty fire. BLISS). Everyone keeps asking me what we would like for our wedding or if we want contributions to a wishing well. It’s so hard to give them an answer as asking for gifts or money is such an awkward topic to approach. I believe that whatever people would like to give on your wedding day, is generous enough regardless of how much they have spent. I do love the idea of having a wishing well though at our wedding, so that we can put this towards a honey moon (otherwise it will be crackers and cheese, wine and dining at our home in the ‘burbs for our mushed up getaway).

Wedding dress shopping, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had so far

Another option couples have is doing a gift registry and selecting items that they would like to have. Most couples these days already live together and own home wares (well, this is the case for Ben and I). Although these couples might not NEED home wares, they might still WANT to update what they have with some trendier more timeless pieces.

I don’t believe you can ever have too much stuff (unless you’re a serious hoarder, can’t move in your house- then yes, you have too much) But we really do have a lot of things in our home, which is why a wishing well would be better for us

There’s an amazing registry at Karrinyup Shopping Centre where you can choose items from each of the individual stores in the centre. I LOVE this idea because you’re not restricted to just one basic department store. This is one thing I always thought I would love doing, just like they do in the loved up movies. The brides go with their doting hubby-to-be, get the fancy looking wireless scanner and wander off into each store scanning away what they dream of owning. Of course whilst doing this, the couple would be holding hands, laughing at each other’s jokes and agreeing with each other’s choices without any hesitation (I know there would be some cheeky banter and some serious bickering if Ben and I were to do this together, we don’t always agree LOL).

ChinaRed wedding charms, perfect as a bridal party gift or as a gift from your groom on your big day. Marble trivet from Behr & Co


For any bride-to-be reading this, I’ve provided a list of some of the store you could select from. These stores would be fabulous to include in your gift registry or even for your pre-wedding planning and styling. Remember, this registry can be used for ANY occasion. If you’re planning ahead then you could even do one for your bridal shower and Kitchen Tea:

Lush Kikki-k Bridal Goodies
  • Kikki-K- Some gorgeous home wares available, some of their items are so sweet and would be something you could keep for your future. They have an amazing wedding planning stationary section- This is a must have for all Brides-To-be to enable you to get stylishly organised.
  • Mulberry Cards & Gifts This is a unique home wares store which would be great for your registry. It’s always nice to receive something more timeless, special and different.
  • Country Road- I adore their picture frames, pretty sure I would be scanning one of everything if I could. Frames are a great present because you can show off your wedding photos later on.
  • Peter Alexander I love the idea of receiving matching PJ’s for the Bride and Groom to wear on their Honey Moon (corny but a must have).
  • Typo- If you don’t already have a light box from here, adding one of these to your registry would be such a fun gift to receive- Every time people come over you could change up the words to something playful and quirky. If you’re still planning your wedding, then they also have gorgeous stationary that you could use. Things like paper straws, doilies, ribbon and lace.
  • ChinaRed & Pandora Jewellery is always such a personal choice but, if you pre-select what you want then it could be a good suggestion for close family to buy for you as something more sentimental. ChinaRed have little personalised charms which would be a sentimental idea for your registry.
  • Forever New This would be a great one for your bridal shower, you could pre select what clothes you like and take them on your Honey Moon. If you’re stuck for bridesmaid dress ideas, then head into Forever New and check out their dress range.
  • Belen Beauty Salon and Reno’s Hair- Again, another great place to go for your Bridal Shower or to use for the day of your wedding
  • John Walker Chocolatier Ok, well who doesn’t love chocolate! A box or five would go down a treat on your Honey moon (goodbye wedding diet). They have Bonbonniere, chocolate placecards and bride and groom choccies!
  • Michel’s Patisserie Although you need to buy your wedding cake before your wedding, this is still a great option to remember when choosing one for the big day or even your bridal shower.
I love the simplicity in this gorgeous wedding cake by Michel’s Patisserie. It smells absolutely divine too!!!

By the time we finally say “I Do” we will have been engaged for 18 months. I always wanted to get married at a younger age and be engaged for a longer period of time, just so I could milk the whole special journey and enjoy calling him my “Fiancé”. Although I’m a little bit older than what I always imaged, I’m also grateful that we waited as long as we did. Not only are we truly ready to seal the deal, but we know each other inside and out, flaws and all. If we’ve made it this far along our life path as a loving couple and as a successful team, then I just know we will seriously conquer what’s ahead of us in life.

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Gorgeous hand made plaque from Zilvi– I will be displaying this at the wedding

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