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I recently wrote about how much I adore gorgeous chunky knitwear (I’m still drooling over the Blossom & Glow knit range). So, I wanted to share with you my love for wee baby knitted items I’ve been so lucky to collect (get ready for your ovaries to start POPing). My Bebe Harvey Glory Box is growing by the day, my love and obsession for a baby is only increasing as well. I know having a baby isn’t always easy, I’m fully aware that it will take time and there’s definitely a lot to consider.

Not too long ago, there was one particular person who didn’t seem to approve of what I was doing. They asked what I would do if I couldn’t fall pregnant and my answer was simple.

“We only live one life and we should always pursue what makes us happy. Getting excited for a baby that we one day may have, be it naturally/ fertility treatment or adoption, it’s something that comes natural to me, so I don’t feel the need to hide it.”

I’m fully loving this stage of mine and Ben’s lives and completely embracing how happy this collection makes us feel. Remember, if you’re like me and have a similar future baby box then; Ignore the negatives and the bitterness BUT embrace the good and the positive and only magic will happen.

Here are my latest editions to our bebe glory box, my absolute fave little hand knitted gems:

Hubble & Duke bloomers and moccs. Luxe Baby Love pom pom. Urbaani Homewares wooden elephant

This knitted Borish and Stasha bonnet is so dreamy. The icy blue colour is a perfect unisex shade and would go with any little outfit. The quality of this knit, is out of this world amazing, right down to the wooden button detailing.

Leather baby mocks by Curls and Waves. The sweetest things you’ll ever see

This adorable knitted outfit was made especially for me, by the ever so talented Maiuki.  Matchy matchy is a total MUST when dressing your wee bebe. There’s just something about seeing matching pants and bonnet on a baby that pulls every heart string in your body. The neutral colours of this flawless knitted creation, is perfect for either boy or girl.

Baby mocks by Mini Mocks Petra

White might not always be the most practical of colours to dress a baby in, but it sure is the most freshest of colours. I can’t go past white and neutrals and this delicious knitted vest from Target fits perfectly into my bebe glory box. The little attached pom poms adds character to the look, team it up with hand made bloomers from Maiuki, hand made shoes by Mini Mocks Petra and you have the perfect little combination.

Sweet little fabric shoes by Momkbaby

Bonnets are essential for winter (I do hope I have a winter baby now with all these goodies lol). This gorgeous hand knitted beauty was made from Typically Red. This is a very lush and thick knitted bonnet, it has enough stretch in it to fit a young babe for a good while. These knitted items are the things I plan on keeping so my kids can pass them onto theirs.

Curls and Waves leather moccs with the adorable wooden bunny from Design Stuff Group

Waiting for Winter has the sweetest knitted custom bonnets. You can tell that these are knitted with so much love and effort. This one is extremely soft and silky, I could imagine how comfortable a little baby would be wearing one of these. I love anything traditional, and these bonnets certainly fit my idea of baby clothes. Little knee high socks, baby mocks, bloomers and perfectly knitted bonnet. LOVE.


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