Valentines Day Gift Guide. Send This List To The Love Of Your Life!

Here are my top picks this valentines day. If you’re hard to buy for, or stuck for ideas, then send this blog link to the loved ones in your lives (to make shopping a little easier for fussy ones). I’ve tried to list as many stores possible that have exclusive codes.

Experiences Instead Of Material

  • Outdoor movie/ rooftop movie date with a romantic picnic
  • Hot air balloon (I really want to do this but it’s a bit exy)
  • Pack a picnic, head down to the beach, watch the sunset, each cheese & drink wine, play UNO cards!
  • If you can’t get a sitter– Get take out, your fave wine, set up your lounge room with a picnic rug, cushions, candles, set up a movie you’ve been hanging to watch together, turn your home into your own romantic date night location
  • Go bowling– This is always super fun. The winner gets to choose what you do afterwards (wink wink)
  • DIY Gift vouchers. Make your own love note gift vouchers, put them into a crafty box (re use a shoe box or similar). Either of you can pull a card out at any time and request what’s on the card. Date night idea, massage, cook dinner, go for a walk, movie night, go for a drink, sexy time etc make the ideas fun!

For Your Mrs

1. Bimby & Roy (no discount, but totally worth the buy)

Super comfy bras if you don’t like wire. I wear these every day and totally feeding friendly SHOP HERE

2. Sophie Cacias (no discount, but totally worth the buy)

Leopard print is very on trend and it’s super sexy so perfect for V day! SHOP HERE

3. Mulberry Threads Co (15% OFF code KYREELOVES)

Bamboo Bedding and women’s pjs. I have both and they are a totally luxury must have! BEDDING | SLEEPWEAR

4. Violet Eyes (15% OFF code KYREELOVES)

Women’s Wall Art. A different idea for someone who’s a little fussy but loves interiors SHOP HERE

5. Sunday Isle (15% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Unique Camera Straps for the photographer in you! STRAPS | BAGS | PICNIC RUGS

6. Kellective By Nikki (15% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Gorgeous jewellery, can be customised with special wording SHOP HERE

7. Chekoh Baby (1O% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Super comfy baby wear wraps and slings SHOP HERE

1. Love JK Australia (15% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Custom wrapping paper with personalised images. Such a special idea for your other half. They also do high quality picture frames, gorgeous keepsake PAPER | FRAMES

2. Little I & O (15% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Reusable Smoothie cups with straw SHOP HERE

3. Wildred Eco (20% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Reusable silicone straws & Glass water bottles SHOP HERE

4. Activated Eco (15% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Reusable straws in bamboo & rose gold finish SHOP HERE

5. Scarlette Tippy Toes (15% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Gorgeous silicone mum necklaces SHOP HERE

6. Status Anxiety (15% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Loving their new range! The Oracle is my top pick SHOP HERE

7. Adventure Snacks (10% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Montii brand smoothie cups & drink bottles SHOP HERE

8. Not So Mumsy The Label (No code but totes worth it)

Stunning pjs and totally sexy for V day SHOP HERE

Shop Your V Day Outfit

1. The Self Styler – 10% OFF Code KYREELOVES | SHOP HERE
3. Gingham & Heels – 15% OFF Code KYREELOVES | SHOP HERE
4. Moolk Shop – 15% OFF Code KYREELOVES | SHOP HERE
5. Fawn & Finch Shoes – 20% OFF Code KYREELOVES | SHOP HERE
6. Cartel & Willow – 15% OFF Code KYREELOVES | SHOP HERE

For Your MR

1. True North Spirits ($10 off + Free upgrade to express postage code KYREELOVES)

Spirits with really sexy packaging SHOP HERE

2. Beach Buggy Cart (no codes)

Fill this bad boy with all his favourite things. New beach towel, soccer ball, his favourite cider, new boardies SHOP HERE

3. Status Anxiety (15% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Men’s wallets & bags & watches SHOP HERE

4. Chekoh Baby (1O% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

There’s nothing sexier than a man baby wearing SHOP HERE

5. Love JK Australia (15% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Custom wrapping paper with personalised images. Such a special idea for your other half. They also do high quality picture frames, gorgeous keepsake PAPER | FRAMES

6. Gallantoro (15% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

You’ll find so many amazing gifts here! SUNNIES |WALLETS | GROOMING | SCENT

1. Mapiful (no code sorry)

We have several of these, for each country we’ve travelled to that reflects a sentimental time. Where we got engaged, our honeymoon, put it in an IKEA frame and you have an instant special gift SHOP HERE

2. In the Night Sky (No code sorry)

Another sentimental and romantic AF gift SHOP HERE

3. Frank Green Co (No code sorry)

Reusable coffee mugs with payWave pretty bloody good! You can get them customised with initials too! SHOP HERE

4. Jimi Official (15% OFF Code KYREELOVES)

Customised cheese board. Add this to a hamper with yummy savoury treats & a delicious bottle of win & go on a picnic SHOP HERE

5. Peter Alexander (no code but on sale)

Pjs because any excuse to see him just in shorts SHOP HERE

6. My Photo Socks (no code)

Put your face on his boxes! Such a fun, quirky idea that will SURELY make him laugh! SHOP HERE

This blog is in no way sponsored, I do NOT earn commission off any of these generous codes when they are used.
All words, creativity & thoughts are completely my own.

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