In Full Bloom

It’s been so fun capturing the journey of first time mum and my sister in law Nicola. Squishy Baby is due in June so we have been capturing as many moments and milestones as possible. He or she will be here before we know it and those memories of her bump will fade.

Capturing those raw moments of pregnancy is something that you will cherish forever, and often something mums feel they regret not getting done.

There are lots of times during the pregnancy where you don’t feel amazing; you are ally achy, little feet kicking you in the ribs, no more room in your tummy giving your constant heart burn. Towards the end, most of us wish it would be over as it drags on uncomfortably.

But its those beautiful quiet moments with just you and your bump, that you want to look back on. Inside you is where baby is warm and safe growing away. Only you get to experience the beauty that is growing your little ones life.


Maternity Dress

Nicola Wears: Lace dress Co & Ry

Miss Kyree Loves - Primary05


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