Scarlett Makes Three

This new mama Renee changed my life. She changed my perception on birthing babies; she unravelled all the negatives I had learnt over 30 years. What our brain & pain threshold learns from listening to personal stories, watching movies, absorbing opinions, we take it all in assuming it’s “normal”. 

I went from experiencing what I felt was a pretty traumatic first birth, to feeling empowered, educated, in control, calm & actually excited for my second birth. Even knowing Loxley was predicted to be roughly 5kgs, our perception & mind set positively shifted. 

Renee taught Ben & I to be a team during birth. Ben learnt he actually had a pretty amazing role during labour; To be my eyes, ears and voice, while I focused on bringing our baby into the world. I learnt that not all births go to a plan, which is obvious to most. But I learnt that even so, you can still have preferences & voice your wants and needs at any time. I learnt not to fear “pain” but to embrace every surge, envisioning holding our sweet love on our chest as the end goal. 

It was pretty magical capturing Renee & her new bundle. Her oldest was born via emergency c section, second was a hospital v-bac & new little Scarlett was a home water birth v-bac. If you have any questions about changing your mindset, or just purely want to be inspired, I urge you to reach out to @thebirthspace and let her into your lives. 

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