Love Letter To Theo!

Little Theo might just be my new favourite human ever, sorry to my own kids (and totally biased considering he’s my nephew and godson).

His start to life has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for both him & his parents. Most parents go into their pregnancy with this traditional expectation that baby is healthy and once they are born, you get to snuggle them instantly and go home shortly after to start your new lives. You know, that blissful newborn bubble that you picture in your head.

With Theo’s story, things went a little differently. It’s been scary and overwhelming, but Mum and dad are, and always have been, bursting with a new found love, that only new parents can fully appreciate.

They discovered that Theo had Transposition Of The Great Arteries (TGA) at his 20 week scan. This was obviously a massive shock to his mummy and daddy and everyone in the family. It just wasn’t fair, knowing that TGA can “just happen” (and it’s actually quite common). It’s not something that was caused by or inherited from either parents, absolutely no ones fault or doing. So that “why him, it’s not fair” lingers with you right the way through. Learning what this was, what it involved once he was born, understanding what procedures the little newborn needed etc was overwhelming to absorb.

Since Theo was born, Theo’s mummy and daddy have soared at this parenting gig. Watching them from afar enduring and powering through this traumatic experience, has been an absolute privilege. We as a family now have a deeper understanding, appreciation and admiration for the children’s hospital staff and what goes on inside. Knowing what Theo went through, what the medical team there did to save his life, is incredibly hard to put into words (cue shit load of tears).

Little Theo had his heart surgery when he was just one week old and three weeks later they were discharged and on their way home to be a family. Where they were finally able to snuggle him all day long, learn all about his little movements and his cries. Learn to be a new family of three and live a normal, loving life.

Trying to explain to people that Theo is actually normal, there’s nothing “wrong” with him, is difficult for them to digest. They see the scar and instantly feel sorry for him or think of the worst.

Theo doesn’t have a scar, he has a hero mark.
It’s his proof that he’s a warrior and fought hard to stay alive. 
He will wear that scar with pride, knowing what he went through to be here. 
It’s a glitter mark that he will have for the rest of his life to remind him just how precious and amazing human life is.
He’s not in any pain and he will grow to be a normal baby, crazy toddler, handsome adult, just like anyone else.
This magical glittery heart zipper won’t stop him from living his life to the absolute fullest.
Oh and showing off his heart zipper will be his best pick up line ever as a young adult (what a perk!). 

To my sister and brother in law. You are both incredibly brave and Theo is so special to have you.

We love you dearly Theo, you’ve certainly soften all of our hearts and changed our families lives completely. 


Miss Kyree Loves - Primary05


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