Willow – Two Weeks New.

One thing I love about my job, is shooting new range content for brands I absolutely adore. This week I got to capture the new season of Snuggle Hunny Kids AND got to snuggle cute AF new babies.

This is little chubby bunny, Willow. She was a total dream boat and the absolute perfect model. In between capturing the gorgeous new range of swaddles (have to keep those under wraps for now sorryyy), I got to snap away some candid shots of Willow with her mama.

That milk drunk pout, sleepy floppy hands and tiny twinkly toes, are what I absolutely adore capturing. Those little features that Mum and Dad can look back on years to come and pine for that teeny newborn again.

Excited to show you what’s coming, so keep your eyes peeled…

HAILE bean bag-3

HAILE bean bag-7HAILE bean bag-16HAILE sitting-6HAILE sitting-7HAILE sitting-10HAILE sitting-14HAILE sitting-18HAILE sitting-21

HAILE-10HAILE sitting-22





Mama || Hailey

Heirloom Knit Blanket || Mini and Me|| Part Of My client props

Mamas Dress || My Client Wardrobe

Baby halo & stretch wrap || Part Of My client props

This blog is in no way sponsored or endorsed by any brands mentioned. This is my own creativity, content and images. 

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