Blooming Amongst The Storm.

I was so close to cancelling this blooming session with soon to be mama of three. The sky was angry and poured down heavy, all day long. Every hour I watched the forecast on my phone, the storm was slowly moving away, but I needed to make a decision about cancelling the session before it was too late.

Something kept nagging at me to just do it, don’t cancel, you can make it work.  So that’s what we did. I drove out to our location, the rain was still heavy on my windscreen. I was the only car parked up in what’s usually a packed out secret little beach nook.

As my gorgeous blooming mama parked up beside me, the rain completely stopped. The clouds starting moving away from us and the sun started peeking through with the most delicious golden rays across the sand.

Mel is expecting her third boy and decided to do this session solo. She wanted something “just for her”. Mel insisted she was nervous, but with each soft movement of her hands against her growing belly and with each gentle sway of her hips against the cold wind, she looked absolutely glorious and totally at ease to be here with me in the moment.

I didn’t have to prompt or overly pose Mel. She moved and danced talking to her little one nestled inside. The more she moved, the more she felt comfortable being in front of the camera.

The sky was full of character, the clouds were bursting with rich colour. The rain was temporarily on pause and Mel was perfectly silhouetted against the moodiness of the empty beach.

“I only need just one shot” she laughed at me as we moved all around the beach. But because it was such a magical night, she got that one shot and hundreds more.

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Session Details

Mel Wears || Both dresses part of my client wardrobe.

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Dress 2 || Coven & Co

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