Event Chosen Charity

Our chosen charity is The Smith Family.

If you’d like to help ensure more Australian children wake up on christmas morning with gifts, then please click HERE to donate.

Toys and Books:

All toys and books on display at the event will be donated directly our charity. But as they have super strict guidelines on what can be donated (see image below) we will also be raising money by selling raffle tickets at the event (Permit NO: LS213446919).

The larger Toys:

We’ve been given permission from The Smith Family to donate the larger toys and play mats, climbing frames, dolls houses etc to their kids centre so all the kids can play with these when they visit.

This is an incredible charity who work hard to gift children something special at christmas.

Funds To Raise

Our aim is to sell all 2,000 tickets (Permit NO: LS213446919) at the event to be able to donate $4,000 to help contribute to making children’s christmas mornings a little brighter. Our plan is to use this money to buy more toys and books to donate to this charity.

We have also donated $1,550 to date. This was from $5 from every ticket purchased to the event.

If you’d like to make a donation directly The Smith Family please find how to donate HERE. Or you can physically donate Toys and Books to the locations listed below. You will need to look at the locations and times for your state and also print the donation form which needs to be completed with your drop off.


Links To Take Note Of

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