Easter Gifts Sorted

Easter is fast approaching which gets me all excited. It means the Easter Bunny will be surprising ya’ll with deliciously “bad for you” chocolate. It also means we get a few days off work to spend quality time with our loved ones. I don’t know what excited me more- Days off work or chocolate!

Despite my love for chocolate, I love the idea of creating traditions with our kids at Easter that isn’t fully overdosed with sugar. I know Easter means a whole lot more than chocolate and gifts BUT despite this, I still get a massive endorphin rush when Easter comes along- any excuse to give, give, give. Something small that they can keep and get joy out of all year round, something that doesn’t encourage teeth rotting, and something that supports shopping small (tick, tick, tick- equals the perfect gift giving combo).

Here are my top picks for Easter gifts this year. Click on the links to shop the looks you love. You have exactly 25 days to get your shit sorted and get these traditions rolling xox

Mustard Bunny Bonnet by TopKnot Girl $30
Emerald Bunny Bonnet by Mountain Honey Clothier  $38.70. Other product details can be found tagged on @misskyreeloves 
Rose romper by Daisy and Moose $24.99 & Chambray bonnet with leather ties $39 by Heart me Love. Other product details can be found tagged on @misskyreeloves 
Knitted cream collar $42 & matching bonnet $40 by Abbotsford Knits. Other product details can be found tagged on @misskyreeloves 
Custom painted name banners by Day Dreams and Dandelions $45. Other product details can be found tagged on @misskyreeloves 


Organic Aztec Onsies by Rocky Racoon Apparel $48.83. Other product details can be found tagged on @misskyreeloves 

One of a kind Bunny Doll by Little Peach Handmade $90. Other product details can be found tagged on @misskyreeloves 
Vintage knitted bloomers $49 and matching bonnet $35 by Kids Creations . Other product details can be found tagged on @misskyreeloves 

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