Edible Blooms – Gift for the chocolate addicts

Today I answered the door to the postie in my robe, looking all “not so sexy” as I usually do (my poor postie, I don’t think he’s ever seen me out of my trackies!) and he greeted me with two giant bouquets.

My heart totally leaped out of my chest in excitement because they weren’t just any old floral bouquets, THEY WERE MADE OF CHOCOLATE ohhh my gawwwdddd!!! My hubby had arranged for two of the most delicious Edible Blooms to be delivered to our door and bloody hell did he make my day!!!


Each bouquet came in a sweet white vase, both full to the brim with lush chocolates and white chocolate covered strawberries. I’ve been feeling rather “flat” all week, missing my Hubby, feeling like I don’t have any more room to grow this little human of ours and waking up more emotional each day. Sooo this little surprise has really brought me back to cloud 9. You’re totally winning Hubby Points of the year right now!!!

If you have anyone to spoil, an occasion or just because you feel like it- a hubby, wifey, daughter or just anyone you know who lurvesss chocolate- Then I urge you to get them one of these bouquets delivered. Such a great twist on the usual bouquet of flowers and I can’t. stop. eating. them!!!

Edible Blooms
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