Baby Moon Mini Getaway

It’s been almost a year since we got married and went down south for our “Mini-honey-Moon”. So it only seemed right to go back down again for our anniversary, to share something even more magical together- our very own “Baby-Moon”.  These Baby Moons are a “thing” that couples are doing now days. The term is very popular with most celebrities according to social media (and lets face it, who doesn’t like pretending they are a movie star). The Baby Moon really is just a great excuse for a holiday before bubby arrives. BUT I truly believe it’s important to go on a Baby Moon with your partner so you can spend some quality time alone together and soak each other in until it’s no longer just the two of you. Whether it be a holiday over seas, a road trip a few hours away or camping out on your lawn; taking some time out as a twosome really is healthy for the soul.


We drove 2.5 hours to a hidden gem of a town called Bunker Bay (being 34 weeks pregnant meant we had to make a few pee stops along the way). Nestled in amongst the gorgeous forrest and along side the ocean, you really get to experience the best of both worlds that nature has to offer. We stayed at the Pullman Beach Resort and in the very same room we stayed in last time. The Pullman can be rather pricey, but we kept an eye open for deals and specials throughout the year and booked our room when something came up. Although what ever we paid, I really think it’s worth it as the hotel is right on the beach. There really is nothing more magical than being able to walk from your room, bare feet and bathers in tow, right down to the stunning beach- all within 15 meters or so.


The waters are crystal clear, beaming with the most incredible shades of blue. The sands are white and crisp perfect for romantic strolls. November is a great time to go as the weather is just perfect to laze around on the beach all day without being bothered by pesky flies, the beaches aren’t swamped with too many tourists (like us) and you won’t get burnt to a crisp (last year we went the start of December and the flies for reallyyyyy bad).


We spent our three days cruising around our hotel room, had a bath in the giant freestanding tub, strolled into town and walked around all the gorgeous boutiques (ohhh the money we could have spent, so many amazing stores in Dunsborough). We had a late lunch/ early dinner at Eagle Bay Brewery and ate ice-cream in our room one night. You really don’t have to plan a thing day to day, going with the flow is just one of the reasons we love it down here.



Each moment spent together we held hands, didn’t rush with anything, talked about everything  baby related and reminisced over the past 11 years spent together. Being a couple for such a long time means there will be a lot to get used to once baby arrives (apart from all the obvious things that change with baby entering earth side). Having to share each other is a huge part of learning this next parenting stage- for the both Ben and I. The thing I loved most about this trip, was being able to talk openly together- discussing our fears, our plans, our expectations and our wants for our little family. It was a really emotional moment for me (hello hormones).


On our last morning, we strolled down the beach to the little cafe, got a takeaway coffee and sat on the rocks while the water rushed around our feet. We talked and talked and talked and made the most of our last moments being together-alone. These are the memories i’ll be storing away for a life time, that i’ll be able to share with our babies when they are older. I’ll be able to gush to them at how much they were wanted, how loved up their parents were and most importantly how open and honest they were with each other.


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  1. November 11, 2016 / 3:11 am

    Gosh these photos are making me so jealous! We missed out on a honeymoon as a couple of weeks after the wedding we found out that I was pregnant. With just under two weeks to go until her debut I think we’ve missed the boat for the Baby Moon too! I think they are an amazing idea though and like you said it gives you a chance to talk over everything whilst being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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