All about me- The good, the shitty & the down right weird

I often get asked a lot of questions on my social channels and I’m struggling to keep up. I barely have time to put on my pants during the day or brush my teeth regularly so I figured answering all the common questions in one go would be great for everyone (and me as i’m so time poor right now!!!). 



My name is Kyree, i’m 28 (29 this year) i’m a Leo and every Leo trait is bang on correct to my personality (hello bossy bitch/control freak). I love talking, like, I mean I talk A LOT. I type on Instagram exactly how I speak and I think i’m pretty funny. I know i’m not as my Hubby likes to remind me, but I still have a giggle when I type my captions (at least i keep myself entertained). I grew up on Christmas Island which was a pretty carefree, magical childhood for my brothers and Me. I often dream of the island and taking Alaska back there one day to swim in the ocean, I swear there’s no other place in the world like it! We have built two homes, sold our first and are thinking of building again (insert face palm-crazy people, won’t be happening until we can afford to). I’m a product stylist and recently became a stay at home Mama. I’m hoping I can stay home with Alaska for as long as possible, until she’s old a grey ahaha. I’m trying to be the best version of myself while raising my girl. I believe that in order to be able to raise an independent, healthy, happy, resilient little human, I need to fully and whole heartedly believe in myself first.



When do you plan on a sibling for Alaska? 
We would like to start trying again by the end of the year. I’m full aware of how long it takes to fall pregnant and I don’t want to leave it too long just in case it takes us a while again.

What has been the most challenging thing for you since becoming a Mama?
This would have to be letting go of the “old me” and welcoming the “new mama me” with open arms. Alaska is pretty much like velcro, she’s attached to me all day errryyyy day so i’ve not been able to do the things I used to be able to do ALONE. The toilet, the shower, make dinner, answer emails etc. They are all things we are aware of before we become parents, like DUHHHH it’s obvious your life is going to change. But for me it’s been a big adjustment regardless of having known this prior. I’m currently typing this one handed while feeding Sass. Multitasking becomes a whole new ball game post baby!


How did you meet your husband?
Totally cliche but we are high school sweet hearts over here y’all. We met when I moved to Perth from the Island to study year 11. We instantly became best friends for the next two years and then when we graduated we started dating. This is our 12th year together.

What is you husbands job and how often do you see him? Will he always be long distance? 
My Hubby works as an Electrician on a rural mine site North of Western Australia- We call this FIFO (Fly In Fly Out). He works two weeks away and gets 10 days home each stint. His previous roster was four weeks away and six days home so this has been an amazing new roster for our family. Ben has been working away like this for over seven years so we are very used to the FIFO lifestyle. It’s been extremely hard on all three of us with Ben returning back to work. Ben misses his daughter every minute of every day and I miss having someone here to help me basically just get my shit together. This is a lifestyle that works for us now but we won’t be doing it forever. Having him home for 11 solid days is a luxury that most working families don’t have; this quality time is often taken for granted. So this is something we have weighed up and are taking full advantage of for now. We have already achieved a lot of our goals so coming home will be on the cards in the near future.


Have you swapped to a Medium love to dream swaddle or is Sass still in a small?
She wears the medium- Go by the weight of your baby and this will help you choose sizing.

What breast pump would you recommend for occasional expressing so mama can have a night out?
I use the Spectra Baby hospital grade double pump and it works amazing. I’ve not used others though so i can’t compare but I don’t see any issues with mine. It’s easy to use, it’s mobile so I can use it anywhere once it’s charged and it’s nice and quiet.

Did you study? If so what? Has styling always been part of your professional life or were you a lifeguard or accountant in your previous pre styling life.
Pre Miss Kyree loves I studied Journalism and Broadcasting (a degree that I got many moons ago). While I studied I worked at Myer as well as the head Coordinator at Meals on Wheels. My volunteer delivery drivers never used to show up, so I would have to pile all the oldies food into my little car and drive around to all their homes.  I never pursued my degree as I was too young and didn’t know what the hell I wanted to do with my life. I now think I’m using my degree to some extent as I incorporate writing into my blog and absolutely love what I do now.


Was wondering what camera you use? Your photos are always so lovely 
Photography is a HUGE passion of mine and i’m ALWAYS thinking about images. I use a Canon D80 DSLR camera. I’ve self taught myself how to use the camera and edit all my photos as I post on Instagram. I’m in no way a professional but I bloody love taking photos. I play around with lots of filters and choose what suits each image. I like to be as creative as possible with every image taken.  The camera is always attached to my hip, it’s like my second baby. My top tip would be to ensure you have good light!!! Tip: Good strong natural light is my best friend.

Who takes all your pics? I’d love to know. Do you have a set up and if so what? Any advice on how to take a good selfie when alone would be great
I do! Well I take most of them, i’ve become amazing at the whole “stretching my alien arm out to take a pic”. When my Hubby is home he takes a lot of them for me if I am in the photo. Selfie Advice: have fun and be silly with your images. I don’t care if I look like a dick head or have my bra showing, that’s the fun in being honest and real. Let it all hang out and take a million pics so you capture every moment.


Where do you shop for Sass?
The beauty about Instagram is that I’m able to tag where I shop. If you tap on each of my images the brands come up which you can click on and stalk their pages. The best way to see what clothes I buy for Sass would be by having a look at my images and seeing what you like.

I wonder if companies give you all that beautiful stuff to try it/promote it or if you are very rich!!
Ahahaha I wish we had an endless money tree growing out the back, but we certainly aren’t by any means rich! I am a product stylist which means I take images for brands for them to use for their own marketing purposes. I sometimes receive the product i’m photographing, sometimes it has to be returned once the photoshoot is complete and more often than not i’m spending wayyyy too much money on buying products you see. This doesn’t make us in any way rich more like bloody poor haha!!! If I had a dollar for every time my husband told me to stop sending then we might just be “very rich”.


I’m curious into Alaska’s bedtime routine. I have a 2 month old and bedtime is seriously so hard. Do you follow a routine? Any special products you use to get her to fall asleep? Or maybe she is a good sleeper? Any tips would be super helpful and appreciated!
We have a very strict bedtime routine that Sass is aware of and seems to respond really positively to. Bath/ shower, body massage, nappy change, PJ’s on, feed and then straight to bed in her swaddle. She will then sleep for 5-6 hours straight and then wake for a feed. I truly believe she’s been a good sleeper as we’ve implemented this from day one. I’ve probably totally just jinxed ourselves now ahahaha

Baby massage oil. Do you have a favourite?
We actually have a few on the go right now. We have Little Bairn in her nappy bag to use when we are out. We have Tiny Tonics near her change table and we also use an Eco friendly cream from the supermarket. I love lathering Sass when we give her a nightly massage, it really relaxes her and it’s so gentle on her skin.

I was wondering why dont you pump your milk whenever your boobs feel sore or full. Then you can freeze your pumped milk and save it for later like fot example if theres something happen to you, someone still can give sass milk
I’m not a huge pumper, my boobs have settled down and only make enough for when she’s hungry now so i’m never engorged or overflowing. I don’t have any need to pump because i’m sore or full. I do however pump when I know i’m going to be leaving Sass with someone during the week. I just pump enough for that time away and freeze that amount.

Did you have any breastfeeding struggles at all or did it come very naturally to you and baby?
I was very fortunate to have had a very smooth breast feeding journey from day one. As soon as Alaska was born, she was put onto my chest and she found her OWN way to the breast and started to suck. My midwife helped me identify what a good healthy latch looked like so for the first few weeks I would ensure her latch was perfect. Even if it meant I had to release the suction, remove her and try latching again. I wouldn’t say it came naturally to me at all. But I also don’t think i’ve faced too many issues with it like other mums have. I enjoy feeding Alaska and am not ready to give it up any time soon. Tips: I lather on nipple cream ALLL THE TIME which I swear by.

Maternity bras can be so ugly!! Where do you get yours from?
I recently bought some from New Beginnings online and are super comfy. While I was pregnant I bought several from Myer after she professionally measured me. Gorgeous Maternity bras aren’t bloody cheap but I figured they were an investment as I was wearing them every day. My fave is a pretty pink lacey one from Heidi Klum. I like to wash mine after every day or two as they usually get soaked in milk. I also no longer wear milk pads as they are too annoying.

Is motherhood how you expected it to be or completely different?
Completely different! I wanted to be a mum since I was a teenager. Becoming a parent has been the best thing that’s every happened to me and I’m filled with a kind of love that I didn’t know could exist. But I’m also filled with a million other emotions that i’ve never experienced as well, kinds of emotions that you’re not prepared for at all. I was that “mum” pre children who had these expectations, this idea of what reality would be like. Then I became a Mum for real and let me tell you, the mum I thought I was pre children needs a giant slap in the god damn face!!! You don’t know what the mama reality is until you’re knee deep in shit, covered in vomit and still smiling from ear to ear because you’re bursting with an intense, overwhelming love (and crying at the seams too).

I love love your flatlays … so do tell, how long do they actually take to set up??
To be honest they don’t take long at all. I plan everything in my head before I lay everything out. If it’s taking me too long, then i’m just not feeling it and will come back to it later on and work on it again. Tips: Layer products to give the image texture, make sure everything is central and looks in place. Coordinate colours and stick to a theme. Also iron all clothes ahaha

I want to know if the randoms you tag in your funny tags ever comment back ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Nope they don’t ahahaha

Oh and also wondered in addition to being a wife and mumma do you also work outside your own styling business?
No I don’t. My business keeps me busy enough although i’m currently kind of working part time and only answering emails every so often so I can focus on Alaska before work


Makeup routine!!
Sorry to say girls but i don’t have one. I use a regular every day moisturiser, mascara and eye brow powder THAT’S IT. I can’t for the life of me do make up other than these things ahahah.

Where did you get the drawer handles for the Ikea drawers in Sass’ room?
Ebay. Just type in wood drawer knobs and they are roughly 5cm wide.

I’m buying Eco dummies and don’t know which ones to purchase for my babe to be? The round teats or the other one?
Sass loves the Natursutten natural rubber dummies. She uses the medium round teat. I rinse them in water to sterilise and don’t use anything else.


What is your favourite chocolate ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿซ? And ice cream? And would you do skydiving or did you ever did something crazy like that?
Ahahah love this. I’m obsessed with fruit and nut cadbury chocolate. I love cookies and cream ice-cream and HELLL NOOO to sky diving. I hate being in the car let alone jumping out of a plane.

Too cute! ๐Ÿ™ˆ Honestly, I’ve always wondered how mummas with public profiles will explain to their children in the future that they’ve put thousands of photos of them on the internet. And at what age do you tell them?
This is a tricky one to answer, I know a lot of people feel strongly against seeing kids on social media. I guess this is my answer. Sharing Alaska’s journey is a choice we have made and are content with. I’m in no way famous but i’ve chosen to be known in the social media world. I’ve always show cased my very real life and every aspect of it, the hard, the shitty and the down right amazing. Alaska is now my LIFE and is that down right amazing part that you get to see. She’s a very big part of sharing my journey with you. When and if she comes to me when’s she’s older and says “mama no more photos” then I will 100% respect that. I never want to have to bribe my children to be part of my world and my work. I don’t think it’s a matter of explaining it to her as this lifestyle is something we will always be open about, we talk to her tell her whats going on all through the day. It won’t ever be kept from her, it’s not something we are ashamed of and we want to raise her to be proud of my work and what i’ve achieved.


How do you manage the trolls and web pages like GOMI. You’re always so positive and appear to not let that effect you. I love it
It’s awful when you see things written like that about you, at first it eats away right into your soul. But it is part of the public social media territory and i’ve had to learn to just ignore the haters. I certainly can’t please everyone but my social channels aren’t for those people anyway. Keep on scrolling is my moto. Unfortunately for some people, who clearly have nothing better to do with their time, prefer to belittle others. I am raising the middle finger to them all ahahaha.

How do you “survive” all alone with Alaska when you are alone? Did you had any sign of PPD or something similar? How do you cope? I had horrible anxiety when my oldest was a baby and I was alone with him during the day. With my second was better, but still afraid ๐Ÿ™‚
Another thing i’m still struggling with. Bipolar and Depression run deep into my family so I’ve always been wary of getting depressed. My advice to ANY OF YOU feeling PND of any kind is seek someone to talk to. Don’t hide and don’t ignore it!!! I find getting out of the house as much as possible really helps. I go to Gymbaroo, swimming lessons, mother group and I try and catch up with family and friends as often as possible. I’m also a real home body anyway so staying home, pottering around, taking photos when Sass isn’t attached to me, is something I enjoy. I also have pretty much watched everything possible on Netflix ahahaha

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Would love to know what you eat in a typical day/what your tips are for losing the baby weight as you look fab! I had my bubs a week or so before you and i need some extra help in that area
Oh gosh my diet really isn’t one to follow. While the hubby is away i DESPISE cooking for myself, i mean who’s got time for that when you need to wash dishes too ahaha. Lunches are a hard one as Sass is really hard to leave alone. I find a nibbly lunch works best- Crackers, some dip, sliced meat, sliced fruit, handful of nuts and bobs ya uncle. I tend to make a lot of omelettes, rice with salmon, toasted sandwiches are an easy go to. My weight loss really came down to night sweats, breast feeding, and good family genes.

Do you recommend the chekohbaby wrap carrier? Have you tried feeding in it? Do you still use the Charlie crane levo rocker?
Yes i have like four wrap carriers and I keep one in the car one in the pram and one at home. One is always in the wash as she drools ALLL THE TIMEEE. I have fed her in the carriers easy as pie out in public.
Yes we have packed up the Charlie crane levy rocker for next bub as it’s too small for Sass. One thing I would recommend is getting an electric rocker, I really wish we had one.

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I’d love to know how long you were trying for before you conceived etc
It took us 9 months to conceive Alaska. I wrote a detailed blog on trying to conceive as well as when we announced our pregnancy on here if you search the blog.

What nappy bag do you use and what do you pack for an outing
We use the OiOi Nappy bag. LOVE IT. We have a Mimco one which I used as a travel bag years ago but it’s way too big. I pack nappies, 3 changes of clothes are always in the bag and always a fresh spew rag- that’s about it. Everything else is just an extra.

I’ve always wondered where you put everything when you aren’t using it, product wise.. you must have SO MUCH STUFF ๐Ÿ˜‚
Everything has a place hahahah I move things around from room to room when taking images. You’ll often notice something is in several of my photos. I don’t have surplus amounts of stuff ahahaha

How long are your nipples and what’s your shoes size?

AHAHAHA my nipples are about ten cm long now as feeding has pretty much stretched them to their limit. My shoe size is a giant 9!!! 

Why is Alaska so cute?
Pretty sure she is isn’t she ahahah Must take after ME





  1. Melissa
    April 4, 2017 / 3:38 am

    This was so lovely to read!
    I was wondering what program do you use to edit your photos?
    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Carolyn
    April 2, 2017 / 3:38 am

    Love reading that your hubby will come home. We have done it in the U.K. and it was tough.
    Did you finish your teaching degree? (You were in one of my classes) :0)
    Lovely family. Thanks for sharing your life and being honest. It’s refreshing. Good luck with baby number 2 ๐Ÿ˜˜
    Carolyn x

  3. Kym
    March 28, 2017 / 6:15 am

    Nice to know a little more about you and your gorgeous little family Kyree. I too love Cadbury fruit and nut and have size 9 feet, although my “babies” are 22 and 18 now. Still remember when they were babies and all the struggles though. Love your honesty. As for the haters, I love your attitude. I saw you shopping once but didn’t want to disturb you. Keep keeping things real and best wishes to you and your family.๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. March 25, 2017 / 9:47 am

    I love that someone asked how long your nipples are and your shoe size. Made me giggle.
    Love reading about your adventures in motherhood via your blog and photos on Insta. and as a result I may also be slightly poor from shopping at some of the same places.
    I am a single mum so know how it feels to try and juggle all the balls by yourself. I don’t make it look nearly as amazing as you do as most of the time I’m a hot mess doing washing on a Saturday night.
    Looking forward to more pics and more posts.

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