Baby Essentials That You Will Actually Use & Need!

First time around, we buy everything in sight for the new baby. We are overjoyed with excitement and want to buy everythinggggg! It can get to the point where you feel like your entire house has been completely overhauled with BABY STUFF!!! What do we need add to baby shower registries? We buy what is fancy, what’s new, what’s on trend, we probs will need this, oh lets buy that too, oh that’s a just in case thing, add to cart!!!

Second time around, you realise most of those must have items, are either still in the box or were a complete waste of money! So I’ve put together MY OWN list of what I consider to be included in a baby essential guide (based on my own experiences). Hopefully this will help you to avoid over spending and to feel less cluttered with new baby crap!!!

I sold a lot of my baby items once Alaska was no longer using them. BUT I wish I had kept some of these essentials to save money second time around. If you do have storage space then it’s a great idea to store essentials properly so they can be reused again and again.

#gifted VS #doNotNeedit

I’m also really fortunate to be working in this social media industry where I get to try out new and amazing things all the time. I’ve been inundated with requests to review products or be gifted things for baby BUT I have Kindly declined 99% of every opportunity. There’s a lot of amazing products out there now, but it just doesn’t feel right accepting everything and anything just because its being offered to me.

I’ve kept this second pregnancy experience as real as possible and reused a lot of Alaska’s items so families can see how easy it is to create NEW spaces by recycling the same things!

Scroll down to see info on all MY must haves 

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Car Essentials

Baby Car seat- Our Pick See Here 
We went with the same seat that Alaska has for this new baby. The Infasecure seat was super narrow which meant it was a space saver when we planned on more kids ie more seats to install. It is great because you can literally just wipe it over with baby wipes (yes baby wipes are used for everything in life ahaha) and is still in perfect condition. Alaska has shat in this seat, spilt milk, possibly vomited, and it’s still in amazing condition. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s white (comes in black too lol). Unless she gets a handful of pens and textas to it, then there’s no chance in it getting ruined.

Car Seat Mirror – Our Pick See Here
Honestly these are legit legends of things! Just buy one, you’ll thank me!

Car window sunshades- Our Pick See Here
They don’t have to be big, bulky or ugly. We found these cheapies and love them.

Pram Essentials

Pram- Our Pick See Here (I’ll do a proper review on this when baby is here)
We went with the Bugaboo Donkey Duo in black and cream. Buying a double pram was extremely stressful and overwhelming to say the least. Alaska is super tall so I was starting to think, maybe we didn’t need a double pram, maybe she could just sit/stand on an additional skateboard attachment. BUT Alaska isn’t even two yet, she LOVES being in her pram. She still falls asleep and would prefer to be pushed around than walk! I really can’t see this changing in the next five or so weeks. We went into Baby Road several times for their pram demos. Researched our butts off. Received hundreds of messages from you all with your pros and cons for the prams you all have. I felt like my head was literally going to explode, what if I make the wrong expensive decision?

Our choice came down to some simple factors:

  1. I didn’t like the prams that the seats were above/below each other. I know Alaska would hate sitting below or above the new baby. We tried her in the prams in store and she HATED IT! A new baby is such a huge change as it is and I wanted her to be as comfortable as she normally is (and like I said, she loves being in her pram).
  2. I wanted a pram side by side, but hated the thought of having this enormous double monster wheeling around all the time.  The pram needed to convert down to a SINGLE pram for the times I only had baby with me, or when we didn’t need the double in action. We had our last pram for two years and this pram would remain for additional siblings. Alaska will eventually not need to sit/ sleep in the pram so having the option of converting down to a single means it will be far more versatile.
  3. I spoke to several friends (who knew buying a pram was such an intense life decision ahaha) they all agreed double prams were a life saver. Some have the above/ below layout and love them as it means they can get into more spaces etc BUT still said it’s difficult to go in and out of shops regardless of it being the narrow double option. One recently bought another side by side pram, but wishes she spent the extra money to get the bugaboo Donkey as she hardly uses her double. She actually now has THREE prams stashed in her boot because sometimes she only needs the single pram. This is what sold the Bugaboo Donkey for me after hearing this.
  4. I was seriously considering NOT getting this pram, because of how heavy it is when it’s in double action. But I really tossed up the pros and cons and the above cons outweighed this factor for me.
  5. The sunshade length was a winner too! The Joolz just didn’t have enough sun shade cover and being a summer baby we always had to put a swaddle over the top to ensure she was covered enough.

Pram caddy – Our Pick See Here
We didn’t actually have one last time but I wish we did! So convenient to store keys, lip balm, phone, all the mum essentials at arms reach (currently have 15% off baby bags code KYREELOVESXMAS)

Bag Straps – Our Pick See Here
These are the best invention ever, we loved having our bag hang off our pram for easy access (currently have 15% off code KYREELOVESXMAS)

Head Support for pram bassinet – Our Pick See Here

Lambswool liner – Our Pick See Here
We had our last one for two years and Alaska loves it!

Nursery Items

Baby Cot/ Bassinet- Our Pick See Here
We will be re using Alaska’s cot. I think it’s really sentimental to be using the same cot and I’m all about that mushy stuff. Don’t stress if you are at the end of your pregnancy and haven’t started on the nursery yet. First time around, we had the nursery completely finished by 20 weeks pregnant. I felt so organised and so ready for baby to enjoy the space. LOLLLL it’s not a necessity so please don’t stress madly over this like I did then. Enjoy doing up their room, in your own time. Whether it’s WHILE pregnant or AFTER baby is born. They aren’t usually in this room for a few months anyway. You have plenty of time to create a magical space.

Bassinet – We have a second hand wicker one
Baby usually sleeps in your room for a good chunk of its first life. Don’t spend a fortune on bassinet sheets as you can just use normal size cot sheets and tuck it in under the mattress

Waterproof mattress protector- Our Pick See Here
I think this is pretty self explanatory. I would suggest getting two though. We had the same one for almost two years and was getting really smelly regardless of how we washed it.

Lambswool Cot underlay- Our Pick See Here
Adds for extra comfort and I swear Alaska started sleeping better when we installed this under her sheets.

Change Table- Our Pick See Here
Doesn’t have to be fancy. Last time we successfully used a chest of drawers and placed a change mat on top. It was a great space saver as it had a bucket load of storage and meant we could continue to use it once we no longer needed the change mat on top. This time, we have additional storage in the baby’s cupboard, so we’ve chosen a smaller more compact change table.

Other Baby Essentials

Baby rug / mat- Haven’t chosen one yet
Doesn’t have to be fancy. But something you can fold up and whip out when you want to put baby on the floor. Great for tummy time learning and playing. I always loved the mats that have some squishiness and additional padding to them so baby isn’t lying on a hard floor. A mat that you can chuck into the wash is always a good one to look for. Or the mats that can be wiped over and left out always are also a good one to save on time. Lets be real, your baby WILL vomit, WILL poop, WILL wee on this mat so think about that before you make a purchase.

Baby Rocker chair- Haven’t chosen one yet
Preferably one that is an automatic rocker. We tested and trialled about five different rockers with Alaska. Those following me way back then, would remember I had several really expensive rockers because they “looked” fancy AF and really trendy. But we really needed something that rocked on it’s own so we didn’t have to sit there with our foot rocking it. Sometimes you really just need to go to the toilet solo, or cook dinner solo, or fold washing solo. A rocker that rocks on it’s own allows you to multi task and do these things.

Bamboo swaddle wraps– Our Pick See Here
Seriously can never have enough muslin type wraps. We always had several on the go at once for the pram, car, wrapped in always.

Reusable spew rags – Our Pick See Here
Spew rags!!! Keep one in your car, in your lounge room, have one on you at all times. These are honestly the best hack my mum ever taught me. We only ever bought one pack of 12 as linked here and they were used daily up until Sass was one.

Wipes & nappies- We Use Huggies Ultimate but this is personal choice. Also only user water wipes (any brand).

Disposable Change Mats – Our pick See Here
We used these all the time to avoid explosions on the change mat material. Also great to keep in your car when you need to change a smelly bum in the back.

Nappy holder inside nappy bag- Just use any type of zip up A4 size pouch

Sound machine- Our Pick See Here
Personal preference but we have always used one and always came in handy for the pram.

Bamboo baby towels & face washers- Our Pick See Here
I prefer to use bamboo products especially as new borns because they are extremely soft for new delicate skin.

Baby Carrier – Our Pick See Here 
If you plan on baby wearing then you’re going to fall in love with these carriers. I has several designs and wore Alaska almost daily. These were super handy!!!! (20% OFF with code KYREELOVESXMAS)

Breast Pump – Our Pick See Here
We breastfed and I often would pump so we could go on date nights. The pump I used and will continue to use linked here (one thing I didn’t sell).

Sleep Sacks – Our Pick See Here 
We used these every night. Alaska would wiggle about and always come loose from her swaddles. She would also wake herself by not being able to suck her hands. The sleep sacks enabled her to still suck her hands but be kept secure and tight.

This blog is in no way sponsored. All words, creativity & thoughts are completely my own.

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  1. Libby
    March 17, 2019 / 4:47 am

    Hi Kyree, thanks for the great advice. just wondering if you’d settled on a rocker?

  2. Katie
    February 19, 2019 / 4:51 pm

    Hi Kyree,
    I just read through some of your baby essential list and noticed you had the disposable mats. My partner and I agree but found the puppy training pads at the Reject Shop are identical and come in a 110 pack for only $25! Bargain! Just thought I’d let you know as they are a saviour!

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