Our Lavish Baby Sprinkle- Celebrating Baby-to-be #2

I recently asked if people threw baby showers for their second babies and the response was overwhelmingly in the YES favour! They suggested to throw a sprinkle instead of a shower. Basically a sprinkle is less extravagant, no gifts required, just a day to come together with a small group of loved ones and celebrate baby to be! But, what was thrown for me was completely and utterly lavish AF and more like a pouring of love instead of just a wee little sprinkle ahahah!




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I was reluctant to throw a shower myself, I just didn’t have the time or the energy this time around. But my gorgeous friend Sherise wouldn’t take no for an answer. Why shouldn’t this baby get any more love or attention than the first! She arranged everything and although I knew she was planning the day, I had NO IDEA how crazy magical it was going to be!

It was a priority for me this time around to keep it small and intimate. Only invite the friends we see often and NO family! Once we start inviting extended family, then the crazy invite line never bloody ends! Ideally I would have LOVED everyone in my life to have come celebrated, but that’s when it just gets bigger than ever. Alaska’s baby shower had over 50+ people and there’s people who came, that STILL haven’t met her two years on ahaha! My advice is to keep your invite list SIMPLE and don’t take on unwanted stress about offending anyone.




Event Details

A HUGE thank you to each of the below Venues for making this day possible. Each piece was perfectly placed as if it was straight out of a fairytale! These are all gorgeous, local small businesses who have incredible talents, I can’t even begin to rave about. 

Picnic Table & Cushions Setup & Cutlery | @lacepetalsandhearts | Website
Totally blown away with this set up. The quality was amazing and it all went together so perfectly. Watch their instagram stories to see what other stunning set ups they do!

Grazing Table | @get_grazed | Website |Code: Mention KYREE to get 10% off grazing runners
Sooo delicious! This was the only food we needed for 15 people, it was the perfect amount to munch away on during the day.

Medium Balloon Garland, cake topper, Liberty Cups | @partiesmadepretty | Website | Code: MISSKYREELOVES 15% OFF
Tara is super talented! Her garlands are out of this world incredible. People can certainly attempt to hand make them, but to achieve this same look alone, is near on impossible!

Flower Details | @leopard_inthenight | Website |
Elise is also equally as talented. Her flowers are so dreamy! The magical flower detailing on the table was the icing on the sprinkle!

Custom Baby Cookies | @ninamariesweetdesigns | Website |
These cookies were INSANELY PERFECT! I had this vision of what I wanted and Nina just blew me away! Her cookies are honestly too perfect to actually eat! She’s so incredibly talented!

Macaroons | @petitcakes_perth | Website |
These were the tastiest macaroons I’ve ever eaten! Amongst the savoury foods, they had macaroons sprinkled

Flower Crown Making Class | @seaoflovestudio |Website |Code: xmas18 10% OFF 
Highly recommend doing this class at any of your intimate events. We didn’t want to do the traditional (often boring AF) baby shower games, so instead we decided to step out of the box. Honestly, you don’t even need to be creative to do this class. Its was so much fun doing this with all the girls.

Naked Cake | @blondbakingmama |Orders via email: blondebakingmama@hotmail.co |
Always delicious, always moist, always immaculately made. Enough said.

Wooden Sprinkle Blocks | @howeandzo |Website |Code: KYREELOVESXMAS 10% OFF

Kyree’s Dress Wearing Size SMALL | @fillyboomaternity | Website | Two years old (wore this with Alaska)

Roses & Dried petals from my Gram’s Garden

Everything supplied by @Life.with.odeas 

  • Her back yard
  • Drinks & Drink Canister & drink bucket
  • Cane Drink Stand



I would highly recommend getting together with your close friends/ family to celebrate your other pregnancies. Whether it’s a garden party like mine, or high tea at a cafe, don’t pass up the opportunity to have an incredibly special day that you can look back on when baby is earth side.


This blog is in no way sponsored. Some, but not all, of the above vendors gifted their services in exchange for a professional collaboration with Miss Kyree Loves. 
All words, creativity & thoughts are completely my own.

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