Vintage Carnival Joint Birthday Party – Loxley turns One & Alaska Turns Three.

I always said I’d never do a joint birthday party for my kids, yet here we are nailing a joint party and possibly committing to doing a joint one every year for the rest of their lives!

Below are all the party details and links to our Vintage Carnival themed party.

Why A Joint Party?

Loxley and Alaska’s birthdays are three days apart AND in December mind you! The busiest month for the rest of our lives ahaha.

I was worried that a joint party wouldn’t focus on one specific child and give them the attention they deserve. But what we learnt, is that they really are too young to give two shits about that kind of thing! They won’t really care about joint parties until they are much older, so we will embracer this until that day comes.

We would need to invite the same families to each Childs party, so it seemed practical and genius to smash out one giant party, instead of stressing ourselves out over two.

Party Tips & Tricks

  1. Don’t go over board with food. Kids really don’t care how fancy the food is and you don’t want mountains of left overs. We supplied lots of nibbles for the kids and hot beef & gravy rolls for the adults.
  2. Keep the treats healthier. We tried to keep the junk food to a minimum and had plenty of fruit available. It’s still a kids party so musk stick, birthday cake and fairy bread are a must. But kids can have fun at a party without needing to be jacked up on crazy amount of sugar.
  3. Fun Party favours- Instead of the traditional lolly bags or little bigs filled with plastic throw away crap, we went with fun jay;ool;/le providing some entertainment and they got to take it hi;.m as their party treat.
  4. Games – We played pass the parcel but my hot tip would be to make three smaller parcels and play the game with all three going at once. We had 18 kids that needed to have a turn and IT WAS THE LONGEST GAME IN HISTORY!!! Three smaller parcels will make it more appealing for those who struggle to stay still for long periods.
  5. Get a face painter – Face painters are always a hit with most children. As we had the party at ours, space was limited so there wasn’t room for bouncy castles or a petting zoo etc. But a face painter can set up in smaller spaces and help keep the kids entertained.
  6. Prep is key. Do a big cook up the day before the party. Prep all the party stickers and styling the day before so all you have to do is put it into place on party day.
  7. Gifts– If you don’t want your guests to bring gifts then make sure you state this on your invites. We forgot to add this onto our invites, so we sent a text around telling guests our kids would love their presence over presents.

Carnival Circus Party Details


Ring master romper SHOP HERE
Gold bow shoes SHOP HERE
Strong man romper & bow tie – Custom made by Kiss Chasey Designs SHOP HERE
Custom ONE Bib – Boho Baby Heaven SHOP HERE


Kids Tables – Heart Strings Hire & Style SHOP HERE
Kids Chairs – Heart Strings Hire & Style SHOP HERE
White bar & arbor – Heart Strings Hire & Style SHOP HERE
White vintage high chair – Heart Strings Hire & Style SHOP HERE
Marquee – Budget Marquee Hire SHOP HERE


Circus Cookies – Nina Marie Sweet Designs SHOP HERE *Collab
Circus Cake – My Sweet Dreams Cake SHOP HERE or email
Drink labelsSHOP HERE
Glass drink canisters – Kmart similar SHOP HERE
Alaska’s Ballerina Daisy Cake – Blonde Baking Mama SHOP HERE


Balloon garlands – Brooklyn Balloon Co SHOP HERE *Collab
Custom circus signage – Love JK Australia SHOP HERE *Collab
Custom Circus invites – Love JK Australia SHOP HERE *Collab
Custom crircus stationary & stickets – Love JK Australia SHOP HERE
Playdough party favours – Dough My Dear SHOP HERE
Circus StandSHOP HERE
Paper Plates & strawsSHOP HERE
Face Painting – Magic Touch Face Painting SHOP HERE
Vintage Circus centrepiece set SHOP HERE

This blog is in no way sponsored. All images and opinions are my own, all stores were personally chosen by me. Everything listed above was paid for and ordered through the regular channels, with the exception of some professional collaborations stated above.

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  1. January 30, 2020 / 10:01 am

    You have definitely too much talent! Bravo, that birthday party is perfect in all its details

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