The Top List Of Eco Friendly Kids Swimwear Brands.

Our favourite thing to do is go swimming as a family. We love packing up a picnic and going to the beach for the day or splashing about in our pool at home.

We’ve tried a tested lots of different swimwear brands so I thought it would be great to list them all in one place. Easier to find and easier to shop.

If there are any other amazing sustainable brands, please leave a comment below and I’ll work on adding them to this list.

1. Infamous Swim INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Kids, Womens & Mens
SIZING: Size 0 – 8 years
UNIQUE: Donates to Share The Dignity Australia

2. Sand In Ya Pants INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Kids & Women
SIZING: size 1-12 years in kids
UNIQUE: Handmade and Designed in Australia

3. Mini Sand Crabs INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Kids
SIZING: size 0-14 years
UNIQUE: Made from recyclable ocean waste

4. Harry & Pop INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Kids
SIZING: Size 1-6 years
UNIQUE: Eco-friendly lycra from recycled plastics

5. Illoura The Label INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Girls
SIZING: Size 00 – 6 years
UNIQUE: Dyed using non toxic & plant based dyes

6. Salty Swimwear INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Kids & Women
SIZING: Size 1- 6 years
UNIQUE: Printed pieces are made out of recycled plastic bottles by REPREVE®

7. Bonnie & Harlow INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Kids
SIZING: Size 00 – 7 years
UNIQUE: Plastic free

8. Jamie Kay INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Kids
SIZING: Size 6 months – 7 years
UNIQUE: Using recycled polyester

9. Bronte Co INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Boys & Men
SIZING: Size 0 – 10 Years
UNIQUE: Designed in Aus

10. Ruffets & Co INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Kids
SIZING: 0 – 8 years
UNIQUE: Designed in Aus

11. Nenna Swim INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Kids
SIZING: Size 0 – 6 years
UNIQUE: Made in UPF 50+

12. Willow Swim INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Girls & Boys
SIZING: Size 6 months – 8 Years
UNIQUE: Made from plastic water bottles

13. Olga Valentine Swimwear INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Kids
SIZING: 0-14 Years
UNIQUE: Using Recycled Fabric

14. Koleha Bikina INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Girls & Women
SIZING: Size 1- 4 years
UNIQUE: Use recycled fabric & are plastic free

15. Cheeky Chickadee INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Kids, Women & Men
SIZING: Size NB – 8 years
UNIQUE: Plastic Free

16. Harrison House Kids INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Girls
SIZING: Size 1 – 6 years
UNIQUE: Buttery soft lycra fabric & matching sunhats

17. Kiss Chasey Designs INSTA / WEBSITE
WHO: Kids
SIZING: Size 000 – 5 Years
UNIQUE: 78% recycled polyester & UV protectant (UPF50), chlorine resistant bamboo lycra.


  1. Shayd Orchard HERE
  2. Loc kids HERE
  3. Little Renegade HERE
  4. Acorn Kids HERE
  5. Find The Label HERE
  6. Bedhead Hats HERE


Minnow Designs HERE


Eco friendly toys
The Upper Notch Club HERE
The Beach People HERE
Baby Road Bio Set HERE

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  1. October 9, 2020 / 12:15 pm

    What a lovely collection of brands doing wonderful things!

    We are a new swimwear brand based in Brisbane, with hand painted designs, printed on REPREVE fabrics, made from recycled plastic bottles. Plus we do a monthly donation to to support young Australians going through a though time. You can find more about us and our new tween collection at 💕

  2. Catherine
    February 3, 2020 / 1:45 am

    Beautiful product Kyree – have you checked out @tyoubswimwear – who uses recycled fishing nets from the ocean to make gorgeou rash vests, designed and made locally in Australia? They also make a brilliant reusable swim nappy! Love their sustainable ethos.

  3. Suzanna Costello
    February 3, 2020 / 1:37 am

    I just got the Harrison House swimmers. You’re right, so buttery and soft. I struggle because my daughter is very long and lean, it is hard to find swimmers that are good quality that have the stretch so they don’t end up saggy baggy or cutting in on her. Also LOVE the huge brim on the hat that actually covers her face and neck. So important!

  4. Kristine
    February 3, 2020 / 12:51 am

    Cheeky Chikadee are also plastic free, and make reusable bags out of the fabric offcuts.

  5. February 2, 2020 / 8:44 pm

    Such a great idea promoting sustainable and ethical products.
    I own a tween girls clothing line that follows these values and I love hearing about and supporting like minded businesses.

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