The Mud-kitchen We Made Our Kids, From Recycled Everything.

This mud-kitchen has been in the making for the past year. I asked my parents and grandparents to make one for the kids as their joint christmas gift. It would provide the kids with hours of imaginative play, out in the fresh air.

Cooking up tasty mudpies, sandy coffees and delicious mud cupcakes is something we all would have fond childhood memories of. Allocating an actual space for kids to get messy and pretend cook with their little hands, means the mess is contained, while still letting their imaginations run free.

How was it made?

Pop is a carpenter, so he whipped it up at home with recycled pallets, old timber and tools he had at home. I love how the majority of this is made from recycled pieces. Hardly spent any money on this project and used as much of what we already have around the house.

Ben installed wooden screens behind the kitchen. This created a little nook dedicated to the kitchen and hides the smaller garden shed behind.

You can also install a kitchen tap to the kitchen and hook up your garden hose. We haven’t done this yet but it’s an option.

Seal the wood with an exterior varnish, so it copes with the outdoor elements. I’ve also got a large tub ready to pack things away if it starts raining or gets too windy. Otherwise, everything can stay outside no worries, saves the kids packing it away after each playtime.

All of the kitchen items are thrifted finds. You can find some awesome vintage kitchen finds in all of the second hand stores. Make sure they are kid friendly and try and go for tin or plastic so little hands can’t break them. Buying second had is great, as it means the kids can be as dirty and rough as they like, in their muddy imaginative play.

The only items purchased listed below:

  1. Lattice from Bunnings (can’t find it online but similar HERE).
  2. Exterior wood varnish HERE
  3. Brass handles HERE
  4. Brass hooks HERE
  5. Stainless steel Kitchen Bowls HERE
  6. Cups, plates & all kitchen items second hand from different Opshops
  7. Red wooden phone HERE
  8. Kids Broom HERE
  9. Toy food HERE

TIP: If you’re looking at making one, don’t forget to look on Gumtree and Facebook Market place for crates and wood and kitchen pieces. Try and used recycled materials as there is so much out there needing to be up cycled and will save you some money in the long run.

Can I buy mud-kitchen new?

Sure can! Don’t have anyone handy at home to make a mud-kitchen? Then I’ve found a couple of Aussie stores making them. listed below:

@mudkitchenandcreations HERE
@mudkitchens HERE
@perthmudkitchens HERE HERE
@mudkitchenscarpentry HERE
@MYmudkitchen HERE
Castle & Cubby HERE
Countey Cubbies HERE
Hide & Seek Kids HERE

This post is in no way sponsored by any of the products or stores mentioned. These are linked for your benefit only. All images, words, ideas and advice is completely my own. Don’t forget to stop by @misskyreeloves for more shits and giggles.


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