Golden Hour- The First Year

You never know when the day will be when something ends. Like the day breastfeeding your little one will be for the last time. I wanted to be able to remember those first year moments with Loxley forever, especially our breastfeeding journey. It’s a very personal decision for every family, and I was extremely proud of every day, week and month that I was able to feed and nourish my little man.

I asked my gorgeous husband to capture these incredible beautiful moments in a magical way. Every time I look at these images I get goosebumps and I start tearing up. The bond we have with our children is truly something out of this world, a feeling that’s indescribable. I didn’t realise the last images would be our last moments of nursing, so I’m so grateful to have these memories to look back on.


Photo 24-10-19, 2 00 01 amPhoto 24-10-19, 1 57 43 amPhoto 24-10-19, 1 58 23 amPhoto 24-10-19, 1 59 54 amPhoto 24-10-19, 1 57 34 amPhoto 24-10-19, 1 57 12 amPhoto 24-10-19, 1 56 15 amPhoto 24-10-19, 1 54 47 amPhoto 24-10-19, 1 54 50 amPhoto 24-10-19, 1 53 31 amPhoto 24-10-19, 1 54 21 am


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  1. Kim Nutt
    May 27, 2020 / 6:51 am

    So gorgeous! Ben has a knack with the camera too 😍 Loxley is just divine

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