Luna – 3 Weeks New

Little Luna was an absolute dream to capture. Only three weeks new and already owning those luscious sweeping locks, that dreamy little chin, and enchanting old soul eyes.

With two older siblings doting over her every little squeak and stretch, Luna has arrived into an incredibly warm and gentle home.  Daddy, brother and sister take turns in cuddles with a 3 minute egg timer. Such a great hack for parents with other babies, who struggle to share the snugs.

New mum Aimee is a long time friend of ours, so it was really magical to capture this new mother / daughter bond. They arrived early, we stripped Luna down to her fluffy bare skin. She was nursed until completely sleep-drunk on milk, with the soothing sounds of the white noise machine in the background and the heater creating a warm and safe space. Luna was ready to nestle into position and take the stage.

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