Styling the Harvey Bump – 15 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve stacked on a lot of weight since finding out we were pregnant. I know they say you’re not really meant to eat for two, but I found I just ate my way through the awful morning sickness (mmm hot cinnamon donuts drools). It didn’t really help the sickness and it didn’t really help my waist line either ahaha BUT that’s ok because i’m totally embracing my new found curves!!! I’ll be dressing my bump over the next few months to help show expecting muma’s that you don’t have to dress UGLY just to be COMFY!!!

15 Weeks Pregnant i’m wearing this super bloody comfortable get-up by Feather and Noise. I’ve gone for size 12 in both the Tash Jeans and the grid blouse; purely for comfort and so they can be flexible with my constantly changing body. I want to buy clothes that fit me for as long as possible (plus I can’t stand tight clothes that feel like they are swallowing my body).

The blouse is light weight, really soft and a perfect length to hide that toosh or possible camel toe. I also really love how it ties at the front giving it that modern, fresh and stylish touch. Bonus it’s also breast feeding friendly so i’ll still be able to wear it once I no longer have a baby bump.

The jeans are my go to must have staple in pants. They are stretchy, semi high wasted and seem to fit all body shapes. I’m fitting ever so comfortably in a size 12, no shame here (once was a size 8 but baby likes the food). I’m sitting here now still with the button and zip done up (which is beyond exciting for me as i’ve spent the last three months with my pants UN DONE).

Shop the look here
Stella Grid Shirt Dress $69 – BUY HERE  // Jeans $79 – BUY HERE xox







  1. Belinda
    July 13, 2016 / 10:40 pm

    Hi Kyree
    Congratulations on your baby news and all the wonderful moments still yet to come. Have enjoyed your journey so far and have never felt the need to speak up until now.
    Unfortunately not in a positive way.
    Your recent hashtag #Likefatkidslovecake, I found quite offensive.
    I don’t think that sort of comment is appropriate. Referring to your appetite and love of food by using a fat child’s love of cake is very insensitive.
    Obesity has many causes behind it, especially in children and using that as a hashtag just didn’t sound right.
    I’m sure parents of children who have a struggle with their weight would find those words very insensitive.
    Thank you.

  2. June 29, 2016 / 4:19 pm

    Proficiat xxx ♡♡♡ good luck From me,out Belgium and Germany the mountains

  3. June 27, 2016 / 7:27 am

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Just wanted to say how much I love this outfit it’s very chic – the blouse is amazing! I was the same in that I are my way through morning sickness too with penchant for mango & chocolate croissants. Hope it all goes well for you! Jen XOXO

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