Pregnancy Relaxation

This morning I ran a warm bath, sprinkled some of this divine bath soak in from Little Bairn and laid there for a good hour (ok, i’m telling porkies it was more like 30 minutes before the doorbell rang and my postie was knocking!).

I’m sharing this amazing bath soak with you because it’s a must have for ALL women. If you’re pregnant, already a mummy, or just love a relaxed bath every now and again, then you NEED to get your hands on this soak (I only sprinkled some in the bath and there’s still enough in the jar for another 20 or so baths).

I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant and suffering from back pain. It’s only mild, totally bearable, but it’s nice to stop running such a hectic life and relax when we get a chance (most of us need to force ourselves to take time out!).

Shop the bath soak HERE and enjoy, you all deserve a break xox




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