Feels a lot like Christmas- With Marks & Spencer!

I’ve teamed up with Marks & Spencer this year to show you how we decorate our home during this festive season. Christmas has always been my favourite time of year. Setting up our tree with all the pretty decorations, spending time with family who we don’t always get to see often, eating all that delicious fresh food until our bellies explode. Now this year we have something even bigger to be thankful for- our little christmas baby baking away.


We’ve been collecting tree ornaments for years, every holiday we go on we buy pieces that mean something to us so we can reflect on those memories at the end of each year. Marks & Spencer have a huge variety of stunning christmas decorations that are delivered straight to your door. I was on the hunt for more white, gold and glittery pieces this year but was struggling to find ones that I adored and I couldn’t commit to buying (other chain stores here just don’t seem to nail the magic of christmas). After searching the web high and low for inspiration, I stumbled across M&S and fell madly in love with the christmas range.

Shop the EXACT look below on what we bought to add to our already exploding collection of christmas magic.


Decorating The Tree: 

  1. Fake or real tree- Start from the very inside of the tree and work your way out. Hang lots of ball ornaments as far back as possible filling in all the gaps
  2. Wind around the lights as far back as possible so when they are on, then the whole tree shines
  3. Hang the more simpler ornaments from the middle towards the outside- again filling in the gaps
  4. Leave your wow factor ornaments till last and hang them around the outside to be seen
  5. When buying wow factor ornaments always buy 3 of the same. That way you can spread them evenly over your tree
  6. Always focus on the front of the tree with your special ornaments- the back of the tree will hardly been seen so only put the round baubles there for effect
  7. I prefer not to use tinsel as my ornaments stand out more without it
  8. Hang your star or angel at the top of the tree once decorations are all hung


Decorating The Home:

  1. Use christmas tree ornaments as decoration to scatter around your living areas. They don’t always have to be used to hang on the tree (like i’ve done with the glittery deer)
  2. Use christmas themed mugs and the like as feature pieces on shelving. They will only be seen for a few weeks of the year so why not have them out on display
  3. Festive themed candles are a great way to set the holiday mood this christmas and they always look super classy amongst all the other decorations.
  4. More is better! Christmas is the one time of year you can  go mad! The more festive decorations you have around the home the more in festive spirit you’ll feel.



Shop The Look:

  1. Unisex 2 Piece Pure Cotton Fairisle Outfit (0-12 Months)
  2. Pure Cotton Knitted Christmas Fairisle All in One
  3. Glass Squirrel Bauble – 3 for 2 Christmas Offer
  4. Standing Stag Bauble – 3 for 2 Christmas Offer
  5. 18 Gold Mix Baubles
  6. Pink Peacock Bauble – 3 for 2 Christmas Offer
  7. 18 Clear and Silver Bauble
  8. Pure Cashmere Knit Booties (1 – 12 Months)
  9. Alphabet Scented Candle B
  10. Alphabet Scented Candle K
  11. Short Flora Metallic Pillar Candle
  12. Medium Gold Leaf Pillar Candle
  13. Tall Rustic Metallic Pillar Candle
  14. Medium Flora Metallic Pillar Candle
  15. Gold Laser Cut Tea Light Holder
  16. Stag Robin Stacker Mugs
  17. Short Slim Pillar Candle
  18. Medium Slim Pillar Candle
  19. Xl Jordan Lantern
  20. Forest Scene in Bell Jar


Christmas collaboration supported by Shopping Links and Marks & Spencer


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